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Halloween... A bit early

Last week, I received a package of knits and a few patterns that I had ordered from Sewzanne's Fabrics. [An aside: Sewzanne's has an amazing selection of knits, fold-over elastic, and a great variety of patterns, too!] One of things that arrived in the package was this:

Kwik Sew 3099. I found in on sale for $6 and thought I could make the kids' Halloween costumes using this pattern.

The moment that Jude laid eyes on it, he knew he wanted to be the dinosaur. Except to him, it wasn't a dinosaur, it was a dragon. And no ordinary dragon at that. It was a fire-breathing dragon.

"Mommy, can you please, please make my costume? I really want to play 'Indi is the princess and I am the fire-breathing dragon'."

Well, I had to give him props for creativity. So on Friday the kids and I went to pick out the fabric. Jude wanted to be a green and purple dragon and Indigo wanted to be a black and grey cat (not pictured on the above pattern cover).

On Saturday, I spent the entire afternoon making this costume for Jude. I don't normally sew much during the day, but Dan was home and Jude wanted this costume so badly that he thought of many games to keep he and Indi entertained while I sewed. He would check in every 5 minutes, "Are you done yet?!" I ran into some trouble with the sleeves and actually had to run out and get some more fabric because I botched them so badly. We were having company that evening and Jude really wanted to wear his costume for our friends. I finally finished it.

Jude said, "Do you think our friends will think that I am a real fire-breathing dragon?"

Of course, then Indi wanted her kitty costume. Thankfully, I knew it would sew up much more quickly since I had already made one and knew what I was doing.

The kids together:

Every photo session has to end with the kids making silly faces.

On the Little Dresses for Africa front, my friend Dell donated not only pillowcases, but an entire set of queen-sized bedding for the project. So pretty!

So far, I have 4 or 5 women who sew who are interested in coming to the pillowcase dress party. I am thinking we'll do it in September.


  1. I would come to your dress party if only I lived closer. The costumes are super cute!

  2. Oh my goodness, he totally IS a fire-breathing dragon! :) How cute are those costumes!? I don't know why I am still amazed at every post when there's something new you just whipped up! :) I have a feeling those costumes are going to be a little worn out by Halloween. :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. laura, i'm a little worried about that, too! especially since J's been wearing his for the last three days *straight*. :)

  4. Wow-you whipped those out so fast! I love them! Very cute costumes! And how fun is that-a dress making party-i wish i could come!!!
    So, you're just looking for pillow cases? I'll have to send you some! :)

  5. That is HYSTERICAL. And, completely unbelievable that you just *whipped* up a couple of costumes. You never cease to amaze me! :)

  6. Wow....I am just continually amazed at your skills! They look amazing and darling in their costumes and YOU Mama deserve so much credit! I also love and appreciate that they will be able to enjoy those costumes now & later....Halloween just doesn't last long enough!
    Tell Jude I could absolutely tell that he was a real fire breathing dragon....and sweet Indi.....purrrrfectly darling!
    Hugs! Lisa


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