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A little of this, a little of that

This morning I was making blueberry pancakes using frozen blueberries. The kids were eating the blueberries out of the bag while I was mixing the batter. Indi said, "YUM! It's like eating little bits of sugar!"

She enjoyed them, indeed.

When I started garment sewing back in May, I had my eye on this Oliver + S Bubble Dress pattern. But it was rated as "2 out of 4 scissors" for difficulty, so I wanted to get some practice before making it. Also, I knew I wanted to use Heather Ross' Far, Far Away fabric. It's double gauze so it's pricey. I only wanted to buy one yard and I only wanted to make this dress ONCE.

To my surprise, the dress sewed up quickly and easily. I made it in one evening. And when I say "evening" I mean it. There was no late night sewing on this project. It's fully lined (I used cotton muslin).

I really love this dress. Maybe the bubble dress will be the first dress I make for the new baby. What do you think?

When I am working on a sewing project, there is nothing like a quiet house (which is why I do a lot of late night sewing!) where I can listen to something I enjoy. Lately, I have been listening to one of two things: pandora or blackhawk church's sermons.

Pandora is an awesome resource for finding new music. My sister told me about it a couple of years ago, but I had forgotten about it. Then I read something about it on the blog, Angry Chicken. It rocks (no pun intended -- haha)! My favorite station is New Age Pop, which I consider to be a misnomer. Why is piano music or chill rock considered "new age"? This station features pianists like George Winston, Jim Brickman, and Lorie Line. Then there's lots of Norah Jones-style folky pop. I'm lovin' it.

I also love listening to Blackhawk Church's sermons. They are so inspiring. I always feel like I learn so much from them. They're currently in the middle of a 16 week series on the Sermon on the Mount. Amazing. Powerful. Challenging. Transformative. Check it out.

Finally, I will close with a Jude-ism.

Yesterday Jude was asking me where meat comes from. The conversation went something like this:

Me: It comes from cows.
Jude: Hmmm, I didn't know that cows laid meat.
Me: Well, they don't lay meat, honey. The cows ARE the meat.
Jude: (GASP!) But Ga-Ga doesn't eat her cows... does she?
Me: Gaga mostly raises cows for breeding, but, yes, they sometimes do eat their cows.
Jude: (Look of horror) But, mommy, that is WRONG!! Isn't it wrong? It's so bad!
Me: Well, we try to buy meat from farmers where we know the cows had a good life. It's fast, honey. They don't suffer.
Jude: (Still aghast) Gross.

I think we might have a budding vegetarian on our hands.


  1. Love the pics.
    The dress is precious.
    I wish I could eat B-berries like Indie and get away with it.
    Jude is right...really...he is...


  2. I always love your posts. Very inspiring!

  3. That dress is SO cute! And she just looks like such a princess. The picture of her by the tree is A-DORABLE! Definitely a good candidate for the "first" dress. Do you have any idea how old your new little girl will be? A baby? Toddler? Or do you have no idea until everything goes through? :)

    I also have to agree with Jude. I really can't even think about it like that or I would never eat meat's hard enough seeing it before it's cooked! :)

    Also, blueberry picture is precious! You are one brave mommy! :)

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  5. Sara, welcome and thank you for leaving a comment!!

    Laura, in our dossier the age range we specified was 0-12 months and we asked for "as young as possible". i would say (totally guessing) that most people are referred babies who are around 6 months old at the time of referral and around 10 months old when they come home. but our baby could be older or younger than this.

  6. Just checkin in....I swear, you should own your own boutique. You are so talented and I LOVE the fabrics you choose! If I had just once sliver of the talent you have I would be a lucky lady!
    Have a great week my friend.

  7. Oh, beautiful Indi belongs in a kid's boutique clothing magazine, as does that gorgeous dress!

    perfect for the baby too!! What a happy thought!
    :) Hugs!


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