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Big Brother

Oh my, where does the time go? The weeks just fly by. I often want to post but don't seem to find/take the time. But today, I wanted to take a few moments to post this Jude-ism, because it made me laugh.

Lately Jude has been referring to himself as "big brother". We're not exactly sure where that came from. We've wondered if it's from reading the Berenstain Bears. Or perhaps from listening to our explanations about how Indigo will soon be a big sister, but that he is already a big brother. Regardless, Jude will now say things like "Indigo, let big brother help you with that." While it definitely reminds me of the reference to the government, I gotta admit, I find it cute and endearing, nonetheless.

I was driving the kids to school this morning and Jude said, "Indi, I hope you have fun while big brother is at school." I commented, "Jude, that is so sweet! Why do you like to call yourself big brother?" He replied, "Well, I love to remind Indigo that I am bigger and stronger than her."


Happy Friday!


  1. That's great- and I LOVE the picture. The way Indigo is looking at Jude just makes me smile. I always wanted a big brother, so I think she's pretty blessed to have a big brother who is so sweet!!!

  2. Perfect.
    Hey Jude...Tell Mama and Daddy to get on Amazon and get you and your sisters the Bearenstein Bear Christmas DVD- but don't tell them it was me who told you....I have a rep to protect.
    Ya Know What I'm Sayin'?

    Later Gator!

  3. So funny! I am with Jenna, I always wanted a big brother so...even the bigger and stronger part!

  4. So funny! I am with Jenna, I always wanted a big brother so...even the bigger and stronger part!

  5. Awesome indeed. Awesome indeed!

  6. So funny! I love when they grasp a small concept but that is it SO big to them! It is way too cute! Also, I agree, the picture is adorable!

  7. I liked this post, Jude is so funny!


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