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Candy and Vodka

We kicked off our pre-Halloween festivities with a visit to the pumpkin patch. The kids chose their pumpkins, Indi being drawn to the "baby" ones

while Jude picked the two biggest that he could find.

Here's Jude pondering the wonders of the world... or at least the pumpkin patch.

Being the disorganized person that I can be, we made it to the pumpkin patch on October 30th and guess what? Those big pumpkins were over 50% off. I got them for only $6 each. See, it pays to be off the ball!

We swung by the Charlie Brown display, which they recognized since we netflixed "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Now Jude says things like, "Indigo, if you don't stop that I'll pound you!" in a voice that sounds exactly like Lucy's. Nice.

We went home for some pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving with kids this age quickly turns into mom and dad carving alone while the kids run off and play. Jude wanted his to be "super spooky". I said, "I don't know Jude, it might scare Daddy." Jude replied, "Tell him I insisted." The middle one is Jude's "spooky" pumpkin.

The big day arrived and it was time to get the kids ready. The kids have been living in these costumes since I made them in August, so we had to add a little face paint to distinguish this day from the others.

You may recall that Jude is a self-proclaimed "fire-breathing dragon". Someone at Dan's work asked, "How do you do the fire-breathing part?" Dan said (with a perfectly straight face), "Oh we have him swish with a little Everclear and then give him a lighter." "Really?!" she asked. "Yeah, he doesn't like the taste of vodka." That's when she realized he was, of course, kidding.

Time for some candy!

We hope your Halloween was filled with lots of fun family time and pumpkins... oh, and of course, some candy!


  1. Sounds like a blast. Watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is part of my husband's and my Halloween tradition.

  2. Alisha,
    oops, i guess i messed up the name of the Charlie Brown movie! i'll go back and change that! :)

  3. Cutest dragon & kitty cat EVAH!
    Ahhh, Everclear. Memories (or rather the lack of memories) from college!

  4. Rachel,

    Your kiddos are just too cute!! I bet they made out pretty well in the candy dept.!! Your costumes are adorable, and you definitely made up for the late pumpkin trip(which worked out really well for you in the end) with your costume preparation!! Love the Charlie B. pictures at the pumpkin patch.

    I have to say...your post title definitely captured my interest....and Dan's reply is hysterical!! LOL!

    Love and hugs,

  5. OK, I'm cracking up at Dan. And, Jude ("Tell him I insisted"...that's SO funny).

    His pumpkin didn't look scary as much as angry, but hopefully he was happy with it! Looks like a GREAT Halloween!

  6. meg - you are hilarious!

    tam - the title of this post was Dan's idea, too! :)

    jenna - i guess you are right - it IS more angry than spooky. it was based upon a face that jude made that he wanted me to copy. :) good observation!

  7. Oh my goodness you guys are all so cute! I love the quote from Charlie Brown, amazing what kids pick up from a G movie, huh!? :) I love the pumpkins, you guys did great and the costumes are just as cute as they have been the last 3 months. :)

  8. Love those pumpkins and the "pumpkins" too! :) You guys did GREAT with the carving and I imagined Jude's face lighting up with glee when he saw his for the first time!

    The kids are darling.....the vodka comment hilarious! :) I love that Dan keeps folks on their toes! Nothin' wrong with that!

    Glad you had a wonderful Halloween!!!

    Hugs & Boo!


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