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Evie meets the family!

Traditional Ethiopian Clothing


  1. She is beautiful! All of your kids look adorable in the traditional clothing.

  2. be still my heart! She is breathtaking and so much better than the update pictures. Her rosy cheeks just glow with love.
    So wonderful to see all your kids finally together!
    Now, we need some mommy&Evie pictures please.

    much love -- Meg & Sammy

  3. Look at those lips! She is a doll. I love reading your updates because I can't wait for us to be able to bring our baby home someday.

  4. I love these pictures, and I'm looking at your three beautiful kids through teary eyes. What a nice keepsake to bring back for your children...the outfits are lovely. Indi has the head scarf wrap down;-). I'm sure Evie is charming everyone!!

    Wishing you an enjoyable and smooth transition to a family of 5;-).


  5. Your daughters have the same beautiful, big, brown eyes!! Amazing!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh.....what an absolutely breathtaking beauty she is! The updates were gorgeous but they pale next to these!

    She looks so happy and joyful too ~ I'm just ectastic for you all and have happy tears seeing these amazing family photos!

    All of your children are beautiful and my heart sings that Evie (and the both of you!) are home at last, safe and sound!

    Welcome home my friend! Relish this amazing (if exhausting!) time!


  7. look how HAPPY!
    All of your little pumpkins are gorgeous!!
    so....Dan...4 more and your officially caught up!
    I have to go and buy something pink!!! ;)

  8. What wonderful pictures!!! Evie has fit right in!! Isn't it amazing how God picks just the right baby for your family? Your kiddos look like they are adjusting well to a new baby, too! I love their expressions of joy and love toward their baby sister!!Welcome home!!! Kris

  9. Welcome home! Evie is absolutely beautiful!!! Everyone looks so happy to finally be together.

  10. I LOVE, LOVE the picture of Indie and Evie together.....except that I can't reach over and squeeze Eive's cute, chubby little legs!!! The picture of all three of them together is just so wonderful to see!!! I am just so, so happy for you all!!!!

  11. She is so beautiful, and it is a joy to see your kids together. Such a beautiful thing!

  12. she is so fantastic! so glad you came over to ethiopia! Enjoy this time of bonding with the fam.

  13. She is so adorable!! And so are her siblings. Congrats!!


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