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Birthday week!

Last week was the week of birthdays at our house. Evie's birthday was/is on the 7th, Dan's birthday was on the 8th, and Indigo's was on the 11th. Also, Evangeline was baptized on the 11th. So Dan's folks came for the weekend and we celebrated together.

Here's Evie with her godmother and my dear friend, Dell

The kids all wore their traditional Ethiopian clothing. The pastor asked Dan to speak a little about adoption and we were able to show a few photos from our trip to Ethiopia. We were so happy to do so.

I love Indigo's expression in the photo below.

We were all so happy that Grammy and Grampy were able to attend. What a special day!

After a celebratory brunch, we came home and the kids opened gifts. Indigo and Evie opened their birthday gifts. We also bought one gift for Jude so he wouldn't feel left out. This was something that my parents did when I was growing up and I thought it was a nice tradition.

Indigo felt so fancy in her fancy nancy tutu and high heels.

Then it was time for cake.

Evie has made so much progress since she's been home with us. She is now crawling all over the house, says "mama" a lot, signs "fan", waves hello and goodbye, plays peek-a-boo, and has gained three lbs in 6 weeks! Evie had her one year well check today and the dr said she was absolutely elated over her progress. We are too! She is such a blessing! We adore her!

Where's Evie?


Chillaxin' with the sibs-

The girls rockin' their headbands


  1. What sweet pictures of your birthday kiddos!

  2. Happy Birthday to everyone!! Love all the pictures, the headbands are adorable! :)

  3. The kids look like they are having a wonderful time together! Glad to hear that everyone is doing so well!

  4. She's getting so big! Her face is becoming really expressive! Happy Birthday to all! Looks like you've really had some great time together! Miss our chats. But, we'll catch up soon!

  5. What a wonderful peek into these past couple of weeks of celebration!!

    Happy happy birthday to all 3 of the birthday trio!

    Your 3 angels simply radiate joy, health and love....and lots of cuteness too x's 3 no less!

    Love the Ethiopian clothing for the Baptism ~ near and dear to our hearts too.


  6. Rachel - we have the same exact brown dress that Evie's wearing in this post! It was for our eldest, and she wore it about the same age right when we brought her home. We have tons of pictures of her in it - I'll have to show you sometime!

  7. seriously cute kids you have there my friend!! Looks like all is well down in the south of TX!!

    I think all three year olds think an amazon box would be comfy for a ride to Ethiopia. That is how we would feel if our husbands brought home a 2nd wife!! At least that is how our ped explained how kids feel when new siblings came, and since I have always thought how terrible that must feel for a time!! They will be BFF's without a doubt.

    So glad all is well and again...Seriously cute kids!!


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