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Mouth of Babes

This morning I couldn't find my keys and I needed them so I could bring Jude to school.

Jude: Mommy, think about when you last used them.

Me: Okay. Yesterday at the mailbox.

Jude: Re-trace your steps from there.

(20 minutes later when I finally found my keys).

Jude: Mommy, next time it would be helpful if you would remember to put your keys in the key box.

Um, who's the parent again? My baby is growing up.

Kids facepainted as pirates to help Indi feel better about wearing her eye patch.


  1. LOL I could have used Jude this morning too!!! :)

    I must have missed the eye patch for Indi...I hope its nothing too serious and I love that you are making it as fun as possible for her!!

  2. Haha what a sweet boy! I think I need him around here, I feel like I lose everything! :)

  3. HA! don't you love how those boys start sounding like their Daddies WAY too soon! great story! BTW, I always lose my keys!


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