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Acts of selflessness...kind of... well, not really

It may or may not be true that I was more into the painting part of this craft than the kids. And I may have painted the white cup and saucer as soon as they had cooled from the oven, while the kids slept... but only as a test run, of course. And I may have asked the kids if they were cool with me painting one more cup and saucer the next morning, leaving them with one each to paint. I mean, I had to keep it even for their sakes, obviously. And perhaps I felt a little envious when Jude claimed the tea pot because I was eager to paint it myself. And I might have been the last one at the table, still painting long after the kids left. And I may even have signed the bottom of one of the cups with my initials to feel like a real potter. But I mean, probably not, because that would all be pretty lame.


So moving on to crafts that I can have all to my self, I burned the midnight oil (actually the 1 am oil) to make this last night.

Inspired by this table runner, I knew I wanted to make one, but didn't think the log cabin style would work for our table. Yesterday I put this together, with some help from my visually savvy husband.


  1. this is HILARIOUS! I just might have to make myself a mini tea set - I mean have Claire make one with me! =) Love your table runner!

  2. ummmm....and I may just almost always be the last at the table to wrap up her finger painting or crayola masterpieces too. Naw......does that sound like me? :)

    LOL Love this ~ thanks for the big smile this afternoon!!

  3. HMMMMM , my selfless daughter!!! You have always been very artistic... starting with the preschool plate that you made... You have come a long way since then..... No really though, I am proud of all that you do ... you are a great GREAT mom.
    And your blog gives me so many smiles. Love you


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