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Art Camp Wrap Up

We wrapped up our little art camp today. Thankfully the last two days were really fun. No more flops like Wednesday! But boy, oh boy, I have a new appreciation for teachers and homeschoolers!

Our Thursday craft was based on Eric Carle's famous book Brown Bear. We found this craft which was fantastic all around.

We printed out the characters at 30%, the kids colored them, Jude cut them out (roughly), then I cut out the details. They really had a blast making them.

Then we turned the kids' kitchen into a puppet theater and they put on a puppet show.

It was so, so precious. Jude started, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to our production of Brown Bear."

I'll tell you a little something about Brown Bear that may change the way you read it forever. I'm kind of kidding, and kind of serious. My friends Larry and Heather read (well, actually sing) this book to the tune of the Oompa Loompa song. Ever since Jude was a baby, this is the only way he's heard it done. I'm not sure he even knows that it's supposed to be read and not sung.

Indigo entertaining Evie at the big performance.

Today we bid adieu to our Eric Carle theme and did a craft from this book that I just ordered.

The craft the kids chose was to make a tea set from salt dough.

I haven't had a lot of sucess with salt doughs in the past, but the recipe in the book was great. The kids made it mostly by themselves.

Mixing (and being silly!)


Rolling it out

I had to make the tea set (other than the saucers), but the kids loved playing with the dough.

Ready for the oven.

Evie was kickin' it in the backpack while we did our crafts and we all rocked out to Pandora.

Tomorrow we'll paint the set!

Happy weekend!


  1. Awesome art camp, chica! I'm muy impressed!

  2. Fantastic way to spend a week creatively with your 3 cuties!!

    Rach ~ your kiddos just exude charm, joy and happiness!! Here you are a busy Mama of 3 and your making tea sets from scratch!! I mean, WOW!!

    You get the Mama award of the week from me my friend!!

    Love all the wonderful kiddo pictures too ~ they are all so gorgeous!!

    We love Brown Bear here and we have always had a unique way of reading it too! LOL Love the thought of singing it!!

  3. We're big fans of Eric Carle at my house. The crafts look so neat. (I wouldn't have liked the Very Busy Spider one anyway, cuz spiders creep me out.) What a great idea to host your own "camp"!

    I am impressed with the kids' creativity and how well the three of them get along. I love the pictures of them being silly!

  4. OH, you are so darn crafty!!!!! I LOVe all these ideas (that I never attempt myself.....*hangs head in shame* :) )

    We love Eric Carle though, so we'll have to think about doing this I think!!


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