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Art Camp Day 2... and lots of photos!

Today in our in-home Eric Carle art camp, our theme was The Grouchy Ladybug. I found this craft, a ladybug costume from a paper grocery bag.

After we made the costumes, the kids wanted to put on a Grouchy Ladybug play. This was the first time Jude has ever suggested putting on a play. Soon there was a casting dilemma. Both kids wanted to be the grouchy ladybug. Jude said, "Well, Indi, I am mean to you more often than you are mean to me. You are usually nice to me. So I think I should be the grouchy ladybug and you should be the friendly one." Okay, Indi agreed. Nothing like typecasting yourself to get the part you want, huh?

(not pictured above: a knee injury - more of a boo boo really - that our protagonist suffered while doing his own couch stunts. A Thomas The Train ice pack and a toaster waffle seemed to take the pain away rather quickly.)

Moving from the theatrical to the reminiscent, last night my dear friend Heather sent me some photos that she took when we were with her in Madison. Included were several pictures of Emilie and her two children who stopped in Madison to visit for a few days while we were there. I'm so happy to have all of these memories captured. We had such a fabulous time with them all.

Here was Heather's version of our baby-wearing photo with her, our friend Emily and I.

It reminds me of this picture (actually a picture of a picture) taken 5 1/2 years ago of the three of us nursing our first babies together. We were first time mamas trying to find our way.

I will always treasure those days and am so thankful for the inspiration that Heather and Emily have been to me as fellow mothers.

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  1. I love the grouchy ladybug costumes. Jude is such a funny guy.. love the things he says!


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