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Christmas Already?

Is it just me or is it a little early for all of the stores to be displaying their Christmas wares?  We're still a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving!  It seems to get earlier and earlier each year, doesn't it?  I've been told that stores are playing Christmas music already.  At our house we have a ban on Christmas music until after Thanksgiving or the kids, who really understand the magic of the season, would make it last for all 365 days by playing it, well, pretty much non-stop.

So, I hope it won't offend anyone if I blog about Christmas (already!).  I just wanted to share that I found these awesome Ethiopian-themed Christmas ornaments, which are available here.

photo found here

By buying one, you'd also be helping this lovely family raise money for their adoption.  It's a win-win. 

Also, this year I plan on continuing my tradition of making something for Christmas that's 'heirloom quality' - something that I will pass along to my kids... and hopefully their kids.  Last year, it was this advent calendar/quilt.  This year, these Nordic (wool) felt birds captured my heart.

photo from this blog post on The Purl Bee

You can get the kit here.  The kit contains the wool felt, embroidery thread, embroidery needles, fabric marker, pattern and instructions.   It looks like they are already selling out of certain colors, so if you want one, don't wait.  I got the kit in the mail today and am so happy with it. 

Okay, I promise no more Christmas blogging until after Thanksgiving.


  1. It does seem earlier and earlier each year; we actually dashed to store early on Halloween day and they were already hauling the Halloween away to make room for Christmas ~ it was strange to see!!

    I love that you create something each year to pass on to your children; I can only imagine what that will mean to them one day.


  2. Oh keep the Christmas posts coming so you can help people like me get ideas and get planning ahead. I love it and I love your header on your blog!

  3. I am actually LOVING the Christmas stuff already...I am totally ready to get out the decorations. :)
    Love the new blog look!

  4. I used to think you should wait until after Thanksgiving before thinking too much about Christmas, but now that I try to make most of the gifts I give, I start planning in October and start making in November. I don't like the commercialization of Christmas, but I do enjoy the decorations.

  5. Oh I LOVE the Christmas posts! You have your focus centered on why we celebrate and I welcome more from you! Adorable adorable ornaments too!!


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