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Full Hands

I was out for a walk, pushing the two older kids in the double stroller and wearing Evie in the backpack.  Jude wasn't up for walking yet, but wanted some fresh air.  As we were admiring our neighbor's display of lights, she looked at me and said, "You have your hands full!"

I get this comment a lot - almost anytime that I'm out and about with the three kids.  Whenever someone says this to me, I can't help but smile.  I think of my maternal grandmother who had 7 children in 7 years -  all girls and two sets of twins.  And I think to myself - "Three kids?  This would have been a piece of cake for her.  It would have been a break!"

Dan was imagining what it would be like to go for a walk with 7 kids 7 and under.   He says I'd have to call West Coast Customs to have them trick out my stroller to make it capable of handling 7 kids.  Maybe throw in a killer sound system and some spinners on the stroller wheels.  Either he's trying to be funny or he's making plans for his Subaru Outback.  Let's hope it's the former. 

My amazing grandparents and their girls


  1. I love that photo ~ beautiful and classic!

    I smiled at the thought of that stroller guys would certainly travel in style! :)

  2. What a treasure to have that photo! I get that a lot, though more when PookieBear was an infant. I look forward to having more and seeing what people say next ; ) ((HUGS))
    p.s. thank you for the continued encouragement to us on our blog. As we get closer, I am constantly fighting fear and nervousness and as I turn to Christ through it all, it is a blessing to know that my sisters in Christ are right there with us! : ) wuv u!

  3. This made me cry... I really am an old softy!
    Tell danthat should e our new business..PIMPIN' STROLLERS!
    How much fun would that be????
    I get that question all the time!
    My answer..'Not at all'...
    When what I really want to say is "Where's ya cape, Captain Obvious?"...LOL!
    Loved this post. Awesome picture..
    I hope your Christmas card looks just like it one day...Sorry , Dan...But I do. ;)

  4. Oh I forgot to say how much I LOVE this post! Couldn't even imagine and what a lovely picture - hope yall are having a grand time in WI. Off to find your cranberry bread recipe to make it for our families for their Christmas gifts!


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