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Necessity is the mother (written by Dan)

Huge disclaimer:  I (Dan) may be writing this blog post, but my fabulous wife Rachel gets full credit for the super cute hair you will see in the ensuing pictures.

Evie's hair is getting longer and longer every week, which makes it harder to comb through.  Even with a very nice ethnic hair brush we picked up on-line from the UK, it's tough.  Ask Evie.  She's not a fan of post-shampoo hair brushing. 

So today when she couldn't find the 'tangle teaser' Rachel grabbed a comb and went to town.  She figured E's hair is getting long enough to do some new cute things with it, so this is her first foray into sectioning her hair. Evie is currently in bed so I can't count how many sections there are, but going by memory, I think she divided it into five.  

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the world's cutest children (ok I'm biased, but even if I weren't it would be true)

Here she is, Oscar-Mike ("On the Move" for those of you who may not use military abbreviations)

Workin' the camera...

Big applause...  and that's a wrap.


  1. How Adorable! I love her hair and her sweet smile.


  2. I am not biased at all and I do agree that she is seriously one of the cutest baby's ever!!!!

    Adorable hairdo mommy and I am very proud of you!! Sewing and hair....who knew?? LOL

  3. So very cute. I just managed to get Minerva's hair in braids for the first time earlier this week and it was a lot of work. She's also not a big fan of the post-shampoo hair brushing. Great job with Evie!


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