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Life on the Farm In December (by Dan)

Cattle, apparently, don't take time off around Christmas. They eat, drink, poop, chew their cud, or whatever it is they do when they are hanging around on cold winter days.  That also means farmers don't get a break, even little ones visiting their grandparents' spread.  For Jude and Indigo, however, this wasn't work, it was pure heaven.

Gaga spent many hours with this cow before the kids arrived, hand feeding her and handling her so she would be easy for the kids to pet when they visited.

There isn't anything that Jude doesn't love about farming.

With record snow fall in Northern Wisconsin, Jude's grandpa (Googoo) was talking about having to rake snow off of the roof of the barn.  Jude picked up on this and did his part by pushing the snow off of the calf hut.

Taking a break with Blue Dog.

A job well done...

And the silent approval of the customer.


  1. Happy New Year! Love the pics of the kids playing in the snow! And okay, yeah, I kinda like the cow pics, too. ;-) Almost makes me miss snow... Nah, maybe not. ;-)

  2. So glad you guys are relishing the time with Rach's folks.....the farm looks idealic, especially for the kiddos!!


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