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San Antonio Snow Day

Here's what a snow day looks like in San Antonio.  I mean the kind of snow day that shuts down the entire city.

To my northern friends... 

wait for it....

I was told it hasn't snowed here since 1986.  Even though it was just a dusting, there were no complaints from the kids of this city.  For many, it was the first time they had ever seen snow.  They scraped together what they could to make snowballs, were on the driveway trying to make snow angels.  It was so precious to witness and a day not soon to be forgotten.


  1. Oh....I'm laughing and SO tickled! I got tears streaming I tell ya!!! I really was waiting for it and imagining the piles and heaps! LOL

    Thanks for the HUGE smile today and glad you got a wee taste of snow joy!!



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