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"Show me a man with a tattoo and..." (by Dan)

...I'll show you a man with an interesting past."  Jack London, 1883

Well, I'm not sure how interesting my past is, but I have added to my tattoo collection.  So far I have been really fortunate to have great artists work on my 'canvas' and I've been very happy with the outcome.  Thanks to Jason Pool and the great people at Element Tattoo in the Alamo City for the art work.  5 hours in the chair.  Jason is a huge Star Wars fan so for five hours I watched Star Wars.  At one point it got pretty intense and Jason said, "watch the Wookie man, watch the Wookie."  Good advice.  If I ever get a root canal, I'm bringing a little George Lucas with me.

I realize this art isn't for everyone, but for those of you who can appreciate it, here is the end result.

You can see a little bit of "phase 1" on the left side of the picture..the ink is a bit more faded.  This tat finishes off the quarter sleeve.

This more or less finishes off my left arm that I started (below) a few years ago in Hawaii.

If you're looking at that and wondering if that is a door in the middle of the jungle, that's what it is.  Long story ;)

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  1. Diggin' your ink!
    Im thinking you should have "RACHEL" written across your door...LOL!



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