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Indi Rocks the Bubble Dress

I finished Indigo's Bubble Dress this past weekend.  Let's just say she was a little excited about it.

I finished Evie's dress two weekends ago, but she was swimming in it.  I'll be sure to take some pictures once she grows into it.  I think it should be perfect come summer. 

Baby V got a new wig this weekend.  Unfortunately, the wigs from the craft store are definitely not meant to withstand the love of a little girl, at least not for long.  This wig is a true waldorf wig, made from wool yarn by a crafter on Etsy.   I expect it will last for the long haul.

Indigo added the headband saying without it Baby V looked "too boyish". 

This doll is so special.  Her head, upper body and arms are stuffed with wool making her so very huggable.  The bottom of her body is filled with 2.5 lbs of millet (a grain) making her heavy.  She feels incredibly life-like.   The millet retains heat, so she can be warmed in the microwave, which she often is!   I added lavender essential oil to the millet, so she smells great.  I made this doll for Indigo for Christmas of 2009 using Joy's Waldorf Dolls Heavy Baby Pattern (Kit).  I am happy to report that Indi really does love it.   I never know whether the kids will actually play with the things that I make.  She has two other dolls that are much prettier and fancier, but this is the doll she plays with and sleeps with every night.


  1. Baby V IS special as is the little girl who wanted her and loves her!

    Indi is so beautiful and absolutely is rocking that cute dress!!!


  2. Awesome little monkey!
    Love the dolly!!!

  3. She is so adorable in that dress! I love her bangs. They are precious on her!


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