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A few things

I've been wanting to post some light family pictures and blog posts, but with everything going on in Japan right now it just hasn't felt right.   So very devastating.  Want to know how you can help?  Click here.  Can you believe you can text donations to World Vision and the American Red Cross?  How easy is that?

Despite feeling the deep sadness of such a great tragedy, I wanted to share a few links that have brought us joy lately.

Have you seen We Speak No Americano?

My kids and I are loving it.  It might even be making us happier (different happy) than Double Dream Hands.  Dan and I must have watched the latter at least 25 times before tiring of it.  The kids loved it too.  At the time, Jude was on a "Mom, you're so embarrassing" kick, so I (jokingly) told him I was going to memorize the choreography and perform it for his class for his birthday.  Can you imagine?

I loved these thoughts by Ann Voskamp about how homemaking is not about having a perfectly clean house.  It's about making your home a refuge where peace and love and beauty are embraced.  I couldn't agree more.


  1. Seriously, Double Dream Hands was like a train wreck I couldn't turn away funny!

  2. okay we were ALL ROFL at Double dream hands! Oh my!!

  3. laughing so hard...i hadn't seen double dream hands before. wow. wow!


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