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And our family grows by two....Rabbits - by Dan

What flying is to Jude, animals are to Indigo.

Typical conversation with Indigo:

"Mom, I want a pet.  I really want a pet.  Can I please, pretty please, with a cherry on top?"

"Honey, we can't have outdoor animals because we don't have enough space.  I don't want a rodent and Jude is allergic to cats and dogs."

"Pllllleeeeeeaaasse Mommy!"  (cue sobbing)  "I," sniff, "will," double sniff, "do anything," sob, "for a pet."

Me from one room away, "When you're 30, you can have a pet, assuming you're not living at home, and that you're not on Dad's payroll."

So today I was at work late in the day and Rachel called me.  I was informed that I was not going to be happy with where she and the kids were going.  I was stumped.   Was she finally going to get a tattoo, but was not going wait for me to go along?

Nope.  A pet.  She made me guess what kind of pet.

Great Dane?  Nope (bummer)

Cat?  Nope (whew!)

Ball Python?  No (double bummer)

I give up, Honey.  Rabbits, she said.  Well, rabbits it is.  Here they are.

The bunnies were my mother-in-law's idea and since I have a very cool mother-in-law, I really can't complain (besides, she's watching the kids while we go on vacation next month so I have to be extra careful).  In addition I have to make a rabbit hutch which means multiple hours with power tools, so all in all, I can live with bunnies. Allegedly, they are both females.  Time will tell.


  1. Are you guys trying to make the rest of us look bad by buying your kids bunnies just in time for Easter?!

    So cute! Have fun with them.

    Both Females..HA!
    Dan- you are NOT that lucky!!;)

    I agree with Rebecca..the Thaggard kids will not see this post..Nope.not at all.


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