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My mom told me that it snowed 12 inches in Northern Wisconsin yesterday.

As you can see, it almost snowed here, too.

Spring officially began this week and that means it's time for spring gardening.  Temperatures have already soared into the low 90s.  I was telling Dan that as a northerner my internal clock is so confused living in Texas.  How can it be March when it feels like August?

Despite the freezing temperature this winter, my herbs either went to seed or came back from last season.  So we already have plentiful thyme, oregano, parsley and sage - one very cool part about living in this climate!  I love having an herb garden because herbs are so very easy to grow.

The girls and I found the most beautiful tomato, basil and pepper plants this week.   I always plant the tomatoes and basil near each other based on the principles of companion planting.  I am loving the raised beds that Dan and his dad built so this is where my tomatoes and basil go.

My lemon balm came back in this bed as well.  It's a bit serendipitous that it somehow landed here as it also happens to be a "tomato allay" according to the companion planting guide.   I had so much lemon balm last year that I made it into a tincture.

Our greens from last fall/winter are coming along.  They should be ready soon.

While unrelated to gardening, I had to also include this photo of Jude's Netherland Dwarf  currently named "ZigZag"  (previous names include - Snowball, Fluff-Fluff and Neatly).

I had rabbits as a kid and remember them as being very scratchy.  The woman we bought them from had a small farm and we were very impressed with the facilities and her animals.  Her rabbits had been handled frequently and were fine being held and petted - not too scratchy.  Several of them were "free range" and would hop around the barn, following us wherever we went.   She said if the rabbits didn't work out for us, she would gladly take them back to her farm.  Who could say no to that? 


  1. Can't believe you got rabbits!! How fun!! I had them growing up too =) oh and love all your plants. Wish I had a green thumb but when we get a new plant Neil says "Poor plant"! Hope all is well and we can get together soon.
    much love

  2. Awesome day.
    The rabbits are precious!
    I'm sure our barn cats wish we'd get some.:) I love to have a few, though.. Sigh.
    I know the kids are loving' 'em.

  3. COME ON. I'm trying not to say something very nasty about you having 90 degree weather on the first day of spring and us getting snow (when the 17 feet of previously offending white stuff had already melted). ;) Grrrrr..........

    I need to move to Texas.....I think I'd prefer my body to be confused by heat than by snow! :)

    Love the picture of E in her bathing suit- so cute!!!

    I've been thinking of you....I'm reading One Thousand Gifts, but OH....her writing style drives me bananas. Thankfully, WHAT she's writing ABOUT is so powerful. This is way too wordy/stream-of-thought/poetry-esque for me- but still I'm managing to LOVE this book because it's very, very, VERY timely for me.

  4. Oh oh oh ~ a bunny AND beautiful kiddos by the pool!!!!!

    YES its chilly here ~ no snow sticking but YES brrrrr....

    and I'm missing you. :(

    AND a bunny....sorry, that needed repeating cuz I love it so! :)

  5. Love the pics of Jude helping his little sis! Totally jealous of your gardening ability. Ron and I have tried to grow very simple things for 2 seasons. So far, only basil and rosemary have thrived. We're taking a break this year because we're trying to sell the house and move, but once we get settled, I think we'll try raised beds next year...


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