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St Lucia - By Dan

After nearly 6 1/2 years without a vacation sans kids, combined with Rachel's 30th birthday and baby number four on the way, we decided it was time to do something special, so after a lot of research into vacation options we landed (figuratively and literally) on the island of St. Lucia.

Since we did not want days filled with endless activities (which would feel far too much like everyday life!) we picked an island and hotel that was long on relaxation and beauty and short on busyness. We found a hotel named Ladera that offered peace and quiet, great food and spectacular views.

View from the Hotel

Random beautiful setting on St. Lucia

The love of my life

Rush hour, St. Lucian style... water taxi was how Rachel and I got around parts of the Island.
When you spend most of your day in a swimming suit you know its a good vacation

The pool at the hotel
The hotel

Ladera's amazing of the best on the island.

Ladera has only 31 rooms and is more of a boutique resort as opposed to a large Sandals-like place.  Nestled about 1000 feet above sea level and perched on a cliff, all of the hotel's rooms have three walls, with the open wall facing the ocean.  They are all lined up in a row so you have privacy from your neighbors...more or less.  It's luxurious simplicity.

The rooms themselves are made from beautiful hard woods, with cool tile floors and each room has a private plunge pool.

You sleep under a mosquito net and the ocean breeze flows through your room all night.  It was nothing short of spectacular.

Our living room.

Of course the kids didn't baby-sit themselves.  A huge thank you to my mother-in-law Debbie and Rachel's sister and her husband, Emily and Fin who all watched the kids while were were chillaxin in the Southern Caribbean.  Countdown until we go on another vacation like this...6 years 5 months, 21 days.


  1. Absolutely lovely. I'm so glad you got to vacation in such a peaceful locale. Welcome back - I'm sure the peacefulness level is just the same...

    EVERYTHING! I really want to go now.
    Stacy is in trouble.
    I am sooo disappointed that you did not bring back a "memorial tatt".:)
    You guys should do that once a year..its good for you , nd with 4 kids- your gnna need it

  3. Dan @ Andrea - I saw one tattoo shop but I didn't want to get MRSA or something worse. I'm getting to the point where people give me wide berth when I'm on the beach without a shirt on. One more tat and people will grab their children by the arm and hustle them inside when they see me.

  4. Lol! Totally understand that whole infection thing- but your face is too sweet to scare people. Your the only one I know who can get away with it. :)

  5. Oh, my. That looks amazing. What a gift. :)


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