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Two years ago I sewed this for a then two year old Indigo.

After two years years of frequent wear, I convinced Indigo that it was time to pass it along to a now two year old Evangeline.

I think it's just right.

So does she.


  1. And since that dress is hold up so well, in 2 more years your next little girl can wear it!

  2. I hate that I can't edit on Blogger! I meant That since the dress is holding up so well... I typed that I thought! I love that color on both of them too.

  3. Shannon, I didnt even notice! I appreciate your sweet thoughts! I too am wondering how the dresses will hold up for our third girl! I'm hopeful! :)

  4. What an adorable dress!!! We are currently in the process of adopting, and your little girl is just beautiful :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  5. thank you! i wish you many blessings on your process!


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