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Around here

:: I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Evie was doing this

and this

to pass time and get a laugh in the grocery store check out aisle.  After all, one of her siblings' favorite games happens to be the "Who Can Make the Funniest Face at the Dinner Table" Contest.  Of course, Dan and I are way too mature and refined to participate in anything like that.  And we definitely don't try to win.  Ahem.  

 Of course, winning is always difficult when Dan pulls out all the stops.

:: In my quest to get ready for baby, I finished a pair of booties.  This was another project from Handmade Beginnings.

I used some of Anna Maria's flannel for the lining, cotton batting in the center, and one of the fabrics from Amy Butler's Love line on the outside - all of which I had sitting on my shelf!  I'm in love with these booties and am already planning to make a second pair.  They are so buttery soft on the inside.  I might even have been daydreaming about a pair for myself.  You know, if I wore booties...

:: Indigo asked me this afternoon whether "getting fired" meant that someone had to walk through fire.  Whew!  Glad we cleared that one up!

::  This might just be the best - and easiest- play dough recipe that we've found yet! 

:: The kids were begging for apple pie of all things  - out of season, I know!  I used this recipe, altering it slightly by cutting down on the sugar.  Other reviewers suggested this as well.   We thought this pie was fantastic - and easy!  I will definitely keep this recipe in mind for the fall.

::  Having the chance to sit down and take in this moment

while my kids played made gratitude #734 on my way to 1000.


  1. Ha! Dan looks like an Easter Island Head. Reminds me of Night at the Museum!

    I can't remember the name off hand, but there is a great Apple Orchid (with decadent apple pie) up toward Medina. We had great times at picking season and the Halloween pumpkin patch was fun too!


  2. chris, your comment made both dan and me laugh! thank you for the suggestion as well.

    i hope all is going well for your family - and that little one on the way! :)


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