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Making Napkins

Cloth napkins are a mainstay item in our house.  As a family of five, we go through them fast.  Apparently there are some families who use the same cloth napkin a few times in a row.  We are far too messy for that.  That means sometimes napkins are in short supply, especially if we are having company and I haven't done laundry.  Ahem.

A few months ago, I picked up 2 yards of Anna Maria's fabric, which I intended to use for cloth napkins.  This fabric seemed to be designed with table linens in mind.  Being I've been doing more hand sewing lately, and loving it (!), this seemed like the perfect time to make napkins with a hand sewn hem.

photo (and meal!) by Dan

Making cloth napkins is easy, but the mitered corners can be a little sweary.  This tutorial was invaluable - the best I have found yet - on making easy, sharp mitered corners. 

I used pearl cotton embroidery thread in Ecru for the hem.   My helper thought that ironing (under careful supervision) was the best job in the world and undoubtedly meant that she was a very big girl.

A few nights of peaceful sewing over conversation with my husband, and these napkins were done.

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  1. These are lovely. My goal with my new sewing machine (still in the box!) is to sew napkins.

    Hope you are well.



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