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A Bib for Baby

I sure am enjoying these final weeks of sewing for baby.  I only have a blanket left to make.  I'm contemplating skipping a baby quilt this time in favor of a voile/flannel receiving blanket.  I made one for a friend's baby and the two fabrics were so lovely together.  It's also the perfect weight for the still warm Texas fall weather.

Speaking of fall, I am also planning the projects I have yet to make for my other little ones before baby arrives.  Halloween costumes and winter jackets are on my list.  And a picnic blanket.  The fabrics and bias binding for said blanket have been cut and waiting on my shelf for at least a year.  Maybe two.  My track record with blankets is pretty abysmal.

So the bib...

The (free!) pattern can be found here.   I fell in love with this bib upon first sight.  The mama and baby bird are so sweet.  I also wanted more practice at embroidery.  I learned basic embroidery from this tutorial for this project.  When I was in the midwest earlier this month, my mom taught me how to make a french knot.  I love the way they look and they are so easy to make.  If you don't have someone to show you, this video tutorial is great.  I wondered whether we really needed an embroidery hoop for this project.  My mom said yes.  Being one that insists on learning through experience, I tried without.  My mom was right.  You definitely need an embroidery hoop or the fabric will pucker.  Just sayin'.

This bib isn't exactly practical.  It's linen.  It's light-colored and sure to show stains.  I don't know how the ribbon (or the embroidery!) will hold up through repeated washings.  I was not deterred.  However, from past experience, I do believe the most practical bib would be made from a laminated cotton. Laminate is wipeable  - perfect for bibs!  These two tutorials look fantastic.

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