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An Easy Pajama Pattern, Made Even Easier

Of all of the sewing patterns that I own, the one that I've used the most is the Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajama pattern.  This pattern features a kimono top with pants that have contrasting waistband and leg bindings.

While I think this pattern is adorable, there are times when I want to make something even simpler.  One of those times was the week before we went to my parents' farm in the midwest.

Here in Texas, even with our AC running, our kids' bedrooms are often much too warm for traditional pajamas.

The kids sleep in sleep shorts.  In Wisconsin, it's cooler at night, so the kids needed pajamas.  Indigo had outgrown all of her pajamas.  I decided to make a few pair for her, knowing we'd be able to use them here in a few months as well.

Since time was short, I decided to skip the contrasting waistband altogether.  Instead, I added 1.5" to the top.  I then folded the raw edge over by 1/2", and again by about 1", pressing each time.  Next I edge-stitched this to form a casing.  [For more specific instructions on how to do this, see the waistband instructions on this pattern.]

In the spirit of simplicity, I used bias tape rather than cutting the pattern pieces for the contrasting leg bindings.  I made the bias tape for the pants pictured above, but used store-bought bias tape for the other two pajama pants.  Even easier!  [This video tutorial taught me how to apply bias tape.]

I skipped the kimono top in favor of appliqued shirts.

I always add a piece of ribbon as a tag, so the kids (and I!) can quickly distinguish the back from the front of the pants.

In my experience, the pants have held up great through repeated washings and frequent use.  Evie is now wearing Indigo's pajamas from several years ago.  Like this shirt and these pants

These horse pants are also a favorite. 

The great thing about two year olds is that even previously worn items seem new and exciting to them.  Especially when they are being handed down by a sister with a bit of a jealous streak.  When she sees Indigo so resistant to pass something along, even when Indi doesn't have a prayer of squeezing into it, well, that can only mean it's very special. 

Indigo learns about sharing and generosity while Evie learns about recycling.  They learn these valuable lessons... and there's less sewing for me.  At least for now.


  1. Will you PLEASE, pretty please go into business?!?!?! After the baby, it's time to start a little business for yourself. Either that, or I'm going to need to start sewing.

    Or Scot. That's MUCH more likely!!!! :)

  2. BTW.....I LOVE the "Yummy Yucky" book by Leslie Patricelli! One of our FAVORITES!

  3. Those PJs are so cute! Concur with Jenna. ;-) And I LOVE sleeping baby pictures. So precious.

  4. GReat stuff! Can't wait to break out the sewing machine when things settle down. YOu are getting my creative wheels turning!


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