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Around Here

::  As I turn the calendar from August to September, I can hardly believe that next month I'm having a baby!

::  This morning at Evangeline's hematology appointment, they officially declared that she has made a full recovery from the anemia and neutropenia she was diagnosed with when she first came home.

::  This website, shared by a friend and fellow adoptive parent, provides invaluable information for those of us with adoptive children who struggle with feeding issues.

::  My kids are loving these berry muffins (recipe from this book).  Go for the double batch.  They go fast.

::  These candied pecans were supposed to go on a salad, but were consumed too quickly to make it to the dinner table.  [I put them in the oven on parchment paper for an additional 5 minutes or so to make them a little crispier.]  Yum!

::  And get ready for this one - I finally finished my quilt!

I hope to share a tutorial on how to hand sew the binding to the quilt backing soon.

[Edited to add: You can now find that tutorial here. ]


  1. So many good things within this post!

    So happy to hear E's health report. She looks like she is thriving.

    One month until the baby? Wow.

    And the quilt, muffins and pecans? You are quite the creative momma!

  2. LOVE that picture of Evie. And THANK YOU for posting that link to the adoption nutrition site. Lots of good stuff on there!

    Mmmm... candied pecans... I may actually be salivating right now...

    The quilt is beautiful!!! Congratulations!

  3. You are making me tired!
    Beautiful quilt, beautiful muffins, and of course, beautiful Evie!


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