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Life on the Farm

After spending most of the summer enduring 100 (+) degree temperatures in Texas, last week the two older kids and I happily boarded a plane to the midwest to spend six cooler days with family and friends.  This time, circumstances had it that Dan and Evie stayed behind. 

We spent the first night at a cabin on a lake with some friends, our (seven!) kids playing while we caught up.  Is there anything better?  

The next evening  we got settled in at my parents' farm.  Whenever we're home for a visit, one of the highlights is always time spent at our friend Margie's farm.

Doesn't every farm boy (and especially one from Texas!) need a cowboy hat?

This fly mask is dual purpose. It keeps the flies away while making the kids laugh.

Riding the horses is a favorite activity at Margie's farm.

The kids are becoming so brave.  They can trot now, knowing how the make that classic 'click click' sound to get the horses to speed up.  They've also learned to 'steer'.

They must have ridden for at least an hour.

But life on the farm isn't all play.  The kids have learned that the horses needed to be brushed and have their hooves cleaned before and after the ride.

This horse was envious of my apple, picked fresh from the tree.   Can you blame her?  Baby and I were happy to share.

As much as Indigo loves horses, the barn kitten  might have been her favorite.  Jude is allergic to cats, so she knows that an indoor cat is out for us.  But if we ever have a barn of our own someday, then she could have a barn cat.   For a couple of hours, she was living her dream.

A day at Margie's farm would not be complete without feeding the chickens.

And who could forget the goats?

Forget Disney World.  I'm nearly certain that there's no better (or happier!) place to be than Margie's farm.


  1. oh that last picture is so awesome of the two together =) Glad you are enjoying some time away. I spent 6 days myself up in WI at the end of July and enjoyed a little cooler temps. Hope to see you soon!

  2. I'd rather be there than Disney, too. ;-)


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