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Around Here

:: We are elated to be spending more time playing out of doors.

Leaf piles, the evening's golden hue, the days shortening slightly, but noticeably.  All welcome signs that the seasons are changing.

::  This popsicle maker was an early Christmas gift from Dan's parents.  It freezes popsicles in around 10 minutes.

His mom sent this book of recipes along with it.  So much inspiration and deliciousness.

Like fudgesicles made with baking chocolate, cream, milk, and water.  Yum!  Did I mention they freeze in 10 minutes?

:: Name that bump has become a favorite game around story time.

:: We try to keep the art of handwritten correspondence alive and well.  On almost a daily basis, the kids draw pictures for and write letters to one another.

I joined in on the fun and embellished some stationary.  With fabric (what else?!)

:: Last weekend, I had attended a training for midwives, doulas and nurses on providing care in unexpected outcomes.  While the topic was a heavy one, the fellowship with these women always nourishes my soul.

The training ended with a two hour lecture by medical anthropologist and world renowned birth expert Robbie Davis-Floyd.

Yes, I was a bit star struck indeed. 

:: Oh how this baby just keeps on growing!


  1. oh, and here, I thought the falling leaves were because of the drought and the trees were all dying, LOL! Seriously though, we have lost a LOT of trees. Did you see in the news about the tri-county fire that started in Magnolia TX? 22K acres burned and finally almost 100% contained. The fire was less than 20 miles from our house! We could go outside yesterday, but no days before that b/c of the smoke in the air. : (
    YOu look fantastic and I am so excited for the upcoming birth of your precious baby girl!! You and I will be sewing like crazy huh??

  2. a. You look beautiful
    b. I want a homemade fudgesicle
    c. I *love* the card. Beautiful!


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