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Wherever you go, don't forget your health insurance card (by Dan)

This week we decided to stress test our health insurance plan.

Thursday:  Evie has a few diapers with blood in them, we call the doctor, then end up going to pediatric urgent care.  Doctor checked her out and says she's fine.  Whew!

Thursday (a few hours later):  Jude declares he is not feeling well, so we let him fall asleep in our bed.  Shortly after that, he vomits all over our bed and himself.  Barf goes through comforter, top sheet, fitted sheet, mattress pad and mattress cover.  Apparently the 12 inch stainless steel bowl he had sitting next to his head for just this reason was too small of a target.  The whole family sleeps upstairs since our bedroom has cooties.

Friday (today):  I get a call from Rachel while at work.  Evie was dancing around the living room and took a header into the coffee table and split her ear wide open.  Since Jude was sick at home, we decided that I should leave work to take her to the ER.  While we are in the ER waiting room, Indi calls my cell and tells Evie, "I'm sorry you broke off part of your ear, Evie."  Apparently after Evie and I left for the ER, Indi was actually looking around our rug for a piece of Evie's ear.

Before each stitch, the doctor would say, "Ok, here we go" so that the nurses knew to really hold her tightly.  Every time he said that Evie would reply, "Oh no!" and start wailing.

As Rachel says, "Scars are like tattoos, only with better stories."  Evie now has bragging rights of being our first kid to get stitches.

When I'm done with this post I'm planning on doing some woodworking.  Given our luck this week however, power tools may be tempting fate a bit too much.

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  1. Poor Evie!! Hope thigs have calmed down a bit for y'all! tell Dan I have a fun pink hand/arm cast he can borrow should something go awry while woodworking ;-)


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