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Welcome to the World, Iris Lucia (by Dan)

October 17, 12:40 am Rachel gracefully delivered Iris Lucia into the world for her first breath.  I am in awe of my wife who had a natural birth with this little girl, who apparently thought it would be fun to mix it up by being born posterior (face up, v. face down).  Rachel and Iris are doing great...  she is 21 inches long and 8 lbs 6 oz...Iris, not Rachel.  Rachel is still 5'7".  As she was born I had the privileged of "catching" Iris, under the watchful eye of our amazing midwife. 

Thanks to everyone for their love, prayers and support,



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is beautiful!

  2. Oh she is wonderful! Thank you Lord for this precious little life!

  3. Congrats!! Praise God she is here and all are healthy and doing well. Can't wait to meet her!

  4. Congrats! She is so beautiful!

  5. Congrats on another beautiful child and glad everyone is well and healthy!!!

    much love from Dallas:)

    Jules and Hayden

  6. Happy birthday, Iris!!!

    She's beautiful! What a wonderful blessing to your family!

  7. Congratulations!!!! She is beautiful and I love her name! Rhett was posterior...that's rough. Welcome to the world, Iris. Good job, Mama...and Papa!


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