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for the love of potholders

After my Christmas potholder-making extravaganza, I assumed (hoped?) it might be awhile before I made another potholder... even if I did covet a pair for myself.  But leave it to some beautiful fabric to get a girl to change her mind.  It gave me just the inspiration I needed to sew up a few more matching sets for a couple of friends near and dear to me - and one for myself, too. 

On the first go-around, the tutorial instructions didn't quite click for me.   As a result, my Christmas potholders were more time consuming (and complicated!) than they needed to be.  It wasn't until I sewed this diaper pouch, that I had an a-ha! moment.  The pouch and the oven mitt come together in a similar way.  (You can see the pouch tutorial here.)

Now that I've realized how simple these are, I'm tempted to make lots of them... assuming I could play around with my fabric choices to keep things interesting!

And speaking of fabric, I'm loving working with linen these days.  I feel like it really grounds brighter fabrics, making them a little more understated.

And just right for the kitchen.


  1. I love them! You make such beautiful things :)

  2. My daughter and I have talked about making pot holders. These make me want to sew some right now!


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