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Raising young kids, and especially caring for a high need baby, has been pretty all-consuming.  Inevitably, some of my passions have been temporarily pushed to the back burner.  My mantra has been, "I'll have my whole life to _____, but only a short window with a baby who has intense needs."   Yet as Iris is now approaching 8 months old(!), it's starting to feel time to create a little more space for myself in a more intentional way.  This kind of time certainly doesn't manifest itself without some effort.

I feel it's important for me to show my kids I have passions, interests and needs outside of them.  Of course my family is central to my life, but I want to continue to develop myself in other ways, too.  Sometimes it's hard to find a balance.  Dan goes so far as to say balance is like a unicorn - it's a beautiful concept, but doesn't actually exist. 

The truth is I haven't carved out much time for myself at all lately... and I've been feeling it.  Last month I signed up for a summer online class - Handstitched - by Rachel at Stitched in Color.  The timing couldn't be better.  The structure of a class gives me the nudge to make the time to sew, and I can do it on my own schedule, at my own pace.  All while improving my handsewing skills.

The class started this week.  Last night, I did the first project  - a reverse appliqued tank.  (Rachel offered a somewhat similar template to this, but I ultimately decided to design my own.)

Dan took the baby on a few errands while I sat with my three older kids as they played.  Embroidery hoop in hand, I found my way back to zen, one stitch at a time.

I definitely needed the stitches more than I needed a fancier top. 

 Oh yes, getting the right photo is serious business!  ;)

Taking some time to recharge does the spirit good.   I hope you get some, too.


  1. I love your design! And such a pretty color too. Thanks for sharing!

    Sometimes it does feel like balance is a unicorn, but other times you totally find it and it rocks. Wishing that for you this summer!

  2. I love the colors you need. And I completely understand your need to do some "me" things. I stay at home with my two year old and 9 month old. If I didn't do some sewing or stitching, I'd go nuts. I haven't yet gotten to start my tank, but am glad to see you did a beater style and it worked well.

  3. I found having a baby and two year old was super demanding! My first two were 2 years apart. And if one (or both!) of them is a bad sleeper, it's even harder. Our babe likes to sleep on me and doesn't go to bed until I do, so my alone time is sparse. When she's a little older and starts sleeping alone, I'll get those precious hours back where all of the kids are asleep. Pure bliss! :) I give you a lot of credit for persisting with your projects! Can't wait to see your tank!

  4. Your colors are great! I love the way it turned out. Kudos for doing your own design!

  5. Thanks so much, Ella! If you like the design, I'd be happy to share it with you! :)


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