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Handstitched: Needlebook

 I might have a reputation around here for not always being the most careful with my needles.  Pins aren't a problem.  I have my pincushion for those.   Unlike pins, needles don't have colorful beads on the ends which make them easy to spot and prevent them from getting buried in the pincushion.  The unseen needles then poke me when I grab my pincushion.  So, my needles have become nomads without a home.  I have occasionally misplaced a needle or two by sticking them into a conveniently close couch cushion or throw pillow, only to realize that I don't remember exactly where I put it.  A stressful hunt for the nearly invisible rogue needle ensues while I apologize repeatedly for losing my needle again.  We do eventually find it.

I lucked out because the second project for my handstitched class was a felt needlebook.  A needlebook?  Yes, a needlebook.  Am I the only one who had never heard of a needlebook?  As the name implies, it's a book for needles.  Clever, right?  I'm pretty sure no one needed such a book more than me.  Finally, a home for all those needles, big and small.  (And speaking of needles, I am loving the needles that came in my student kit for this class.  They are definitely my new favorites.)

Dan drew the template for the front of my book.  I hope to post the PDF of this template here soon, because I love it so.  It was inspired by this photo of vintage dishware.  I definitely plan to use this template again.

That distinctive stitch around the template is called a blanket stitch.  It was easy and fun and makes me want to make these baby blankets for all my friends who are having babies.   Aren't they lovely?  They almost make me miss Iris's swaddling days.  That's a solid almost.


  1. It's so pretty. Your handstitching class sounds great, so nice to steal a little bit of time for yourself.

  2. Thank you, Suzy! It has been great! Rachel from Stitched in Color offers classes periodically and I have been so pleased with this course. Next time she has one, I'll blog about it for sure.

  3. Wow, very clever, and your hand stitching work is beautiful!!

  4. Rachel-
    I just pinned your needle book--- so lovely! and I could certainly use one as well! I found your blog because you commented on mine a while ago-- and I'm very glad you did... I have enjoyed your blog!

  5. Jane, thank you so much for the kind words! I am loving that needlebook! :)


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