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On Wisconsin

Dan, Iris and I escaped the Texas heat for a long weekend in Wisconsin to introduce Iris to both sets of her great-grandparents.

My paternal grandmother cooked a spectacular meal for us.  As I sat at their dinner table, I noticed they had the same chairs, dishware, baskets, and decorations as they had when I was little. I was impressed by how well everything had been cared for and told my grandma that she's held onto everything long enough for it to be back in.  Vintage.

My maternal grandmother just celebrated her eightieth birthday and all but one of her seven daughters were still in town so we were able to enjoy the wonderful commotion a large family brings as four generations filled my grandmother's house one evening.  Iris was greeted with the same level of genuine enthusiasm and love that each of our kids have received from her.

Our home base for the weekend was my parents' farm.

Jude cried a little when he saw the photos of the calves.  All the kids would have loved to come along.  Though I'll bet Iris enjoyed being the center of attention.

Oh who am I kidding?  Iris is used to being the center of attention.   The kids all said they missed her more than they missed Dan and me... but only by an "inch".

We're back in Texas again and our family of six feels awfully quiet after spending a weekend with my parents, grandparents, and five of my mom's six sisters and their families.  In the mix are canners, quilters, pianists, maple syrupers, farmers, soap makers, gardeners, homeschoolers, a beekeeper, stained glass artist, a backyard chicken keeper, and a cross stitcher extraordinaire. (That last one is my grandfather!  As a former surgeon those perfect stitches came all too naturally.)  

Sometimes it's a little lonely being here, with all of those inspiring souls so far away.  It's a good thing we have Skype.


  1. So heartwarming, and such a gift to have all that family (even though they are far away, still such a treasure)!

  2. So jealous that you escaped north. Our family visit will be next week in Phoenix, where I'm sure it's just as cool outside as in Wisconsin. ;-) LOVE the cow pics--you really got some good ones!

  3. Thanks so much, Jenny! Enjoy your time with your fam!


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