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Around Here - Home Sweet Home Edition

:: It finally feels like we're settling back home.  No doubt, we are all grateful for that.  Nothing says home like fresh baked bread.  This no knead oatmeal toasting bread was pretty fab, especially as sandwich bread.

::  This ginger dressing might be my latest addiction.  (Jude's, too!)

::  During those long days in the apartment, Jude discovered a love for the ukulele.  As it turns out, our nephew recently began teaching lessons.  The only glitch?  He lives in Thailand.  Which isn't a glitch because of Skype.  Woot!

Jude is inspired by his super cool teenage cousin and I don't have to haul four kids to a uke lesson.  Does it get any better than that?

::  I've always said I love handstitching.  And I do.  I also enjoy a slice of double chocolate cake, but that doesn't mean I want to eat the whole cake in one sitting.  This pretty well sums up how I feel about my current handstitching project.  48 triangles down, 4 jewels down, 4 more to go.  Feels more like 4 chocolate cakes in one sitting.

 :: We got some much needed rain and the kids weren't about to miss out on experiencing it.

Oh yeah, costumes are back this summer... with a vengeance.

::  Indigo was pleased to catch her first toad.  She ever so gently carried it a half a mile home to show Dan.

Mr. Squishypants now resides in our garden.

::  The kids enjoyed doing this craft this week.

One of the guys working on our house saw it and exclaimed, "Pinterest!  A pinterest craft!  My wife did that one with our two year old."  I wondered how the heck a two year old could do this craft.  He said his wife mostly did it while the two year old (their only child) watched.  Oh do I remember those days with Jude well.

::  Iris stood alone for a long while today.  She's cruising furniture like nobody's business. 

She may be on the move, but we still hold her as much as we can.

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  1. How cool is it that Jude is playing ukulele? And techy-nerd really appreciates the Skype aspect. Good for Iris working on getting around! That walking things just opens up a whole new world of possibilities--I'm always excited for a kid when they learn that. ;-) And that last picture of Iris is beautiful!


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