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Handstiched: Squares and Flower Buds

Have I mentioned how far behind I am on the quilt for my handstitched class?  The focus of the next assignment (given exactly one month ago!) was twofold: on point squares and applique.

The on point squares were a lot of fun.

They came together in such a sharp, crisp way.  I love the way the fabrics are showcased against the white.

The three on point squares are separated by a small flower blossom, appliqued with a blanket stitch.

The hard lines of the squares contrast nicely with the curves of the flower blossoms.

I plan to frame out the next section of the quilt in gray. Seeing it at this stage felt a little like playing a chord on the piano without playing the last note.  Visually, it needed resolution.  I think the gray will give it just that.



  1. I agree - the gray will be a lovely chord to strike next! Your squares turned out so well. I want to do more on point squares myself!

  2. Looking great! I am hoping to get to work on mine a little today...I'm sooooo behind!


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