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I'm loving...

* this book list (via Simple Homeschool).  Coupled with this old favorite of mine, it makes placing books on hold at the library a breeze.  Placing books on hold is what makes trips to the library doable for us!

* these audio stories (again, via Simple Homeschool).  In fact, my oldest two are listening to them right now as I type this.  :)  We're trying to institute a quiet time while the baby naps and audio stories are one great option.


The kids listened to Sparkle stories while they had a night of indoor camping.  They didn't go to sleep until after midnight!  I'm not sure whether it was the excitement of sleeping in the tent or if the stories were just that captivating or both!  But for now, Sparkle stories are a day time thing for us.

* this Greek chickpea pasta salad.  Lunch is the meal that often stumps me the most.  This is a delicious and easy option.  I add a splash of red wine vinegar and lots of crushed red pepper to mine.  I pass on the feta, since I can't do dairy.  It's still fantastic.

*  this spritzer.  My favorite combination is strawberries + 8 leaves from my chocolate mint plant in my backyard. I had never heard of a chocolate mint plant until I saw one while the kids and I were waiting for Dan at Lowe's of all places.  It does not disappoint.

this seven minute workout.  Okay, I'm not really loving it.  I tried it with the kids yesterday, only finished 9 of the 12 exercises, and am so sore today.  But I think that means it works.

* Duolingo.  It's a free program where you can learn a foreign language.  One study showed it was more effective than taking a language college course.  It's fun, too! Jude and I joke that we're addicted (or maybe we aren't joking?).

* this beeswax candle rolling set was awesome.  We got it for Indigo for her birthday and she shared it with her sibs.  It kept them busy for a couple of hours and they still have more sheets of beeswax left for future candle rolling adventures.

adventures in candle making candle making candle making candle making

Those are a few things we've been into this summer.  How about you?  I'd love to know! 


  1. Love being able to read about what y'all are up to!

    1. aw, that's so sweet! i can't believe we don't see more of each other. you're totally welcome to some chocolate mint from my backyard! ;)

  2. Fun! That same beeswax candle kit and Sparkler stories are also a big hit with my kids. Funny how alike our families are =)

  3. Ooooh, that chickpea and pasta salad looks awesome!

    7 minute workout? Even I probably have time for that. Darn!!

  4. I love the candles! What a great craft! Are the chocolate mint plants hard to keep alive (cuz you know I can't garden to save my life)?

    1. Jenny, herbs are sooo easy to grow in Texas. I really can't grow much of anything else! But my herbs take over my garden. You can completely neglect them and they still grow!


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