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A Velveteen {Wholecloth} Quilt

Last spring, Jude was going to have a friend over and told me that we needed to hide Indigo's velveteen quilt because he was afraid his friend might be jealous.  "It's so soft, Mom, and it looks like it was made in a factory!".  That reminds me of when Dan tells me, "That looks awesome, babe.  It looks like you bought it at Target!"  I was going for Anthropologie, but I will take the compliment!

In all seriousness  Jude's compliment was so sweet.  I can assure you that my kids are not gushing daily about the stuff I make, so it means a lot to me when they notice something as being special.  My heart was so melted, in fact,  that I offered to make Jude a velveteen blanket of his own.  

There weren't a lot of boyish options as far as Jude was concerned, but he loved the animal print.  "Mom, is that made of real cheetah fur?!"  Personally, I'm not drawn to animal prints, but I gladly put that preference aside so Jude could have his safari-esqe blanket.

velveteen wholecloth quilt

I used Anna Maria Horner's velveteen for one side and this voile for the other.  Being we're in a warm climate and the velveteen is already so warm, I skipped the batting. 

To call this quilting feels like a stretch, though technically it is.  (I was so skeptical I even googled it just to be sure.  "Quilting: the sewing of two or more layers together.")   I spray basted my layers together.  I used to baste with safety pins but spray basting is so much faster and easier, too! Then I machine quilted the layers together, roughly following the flow of the print.

voile backing

I used this zigzag binding tutorial again.  I just love it.  It's fast, easy and fun!

I love to write a message on my quilts.  I asked Jude if I could leave him something gushy or if that would be too embarrassing.  (Apparently, sometimes I'm embarrassing.)  He said gushy was fine.


I wouldn't say quilting is my forte.  I just don't have that same motivation to get to it like I do garment sewing.  I thought I had the quilt squared correctly, but it was still a little wonky.  Dan saved the day and got it just right for me.  Even though this wasn't my most favorite project, I'm really glad I made it.  It's already well-loved.  And that's what matters most of all.

good night, sleep tight

(Jude, camping on an air mattress in his sister's room, wearing a hat to be just like his dad!)


  1. Oh, I can just imagine how delicious this must feel - think I know two boys who's love this :-)

  2. And with a book tucked under his arm! Lucky Jude!

  3. Making something that your child appreciates - there is nothing better, right? I bet this is so soft and luscious to snuggle up under.

  4. I love this little story- so sweet that he thought his friend might be jealous! I love the quilt- i mean, velveteen and voile? I am seeing so many great masculine ones out there in recent days... gotta get to work- my men are totally neglected when it comes to my sewing!

    1. thanks so much erin! it is fun to sew for zee boys, especially if it's something they'll appreciate! :) can't wait to see what you come up with.


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