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kcw : summer edition and another kwik sew romper

This past week was the first ever kids clothes week: summer edition.  I ambitiously cut out three dresses in advance, so when the week rolled around, all I'd have to do is sew.

Then Tarikua broke her arm.  And we had a leak in our plumbing that was coming though our ceiling.  And Dan had some big things come up at work.  Kids clothes week took a back seat to the more important work I had to do- like figuring out how the heck you quell the itching inside a cast!

There were a few quiet moments, after the wee ones were tucked into bed, that I was able to do a little sewing.  A few minutes here and a few minutes there over a week's time added up to one romper.

we call this 'cheesy smile!!!'

I had planned to try out a different romper pattern that I own, but I only bought a half yard of this fabric and didn't have nearly enough for the new pattern.  So I stuck with the pattern I already knew and loved.  It was a tight squeeze, getting all of the pieces to fit on that half yard, but it worked in the end!

rompin around

Because I had to make everything fit on that half yard, I actually did not have the extra fabric to add the half inch to inch that I talked about adding last time. So I used a 1/4" seam allowance instead of a 5/8" seam allowance when I joined the yoke to the rest of the romper to add some length.  I actually would not recommend doing that, as it results in a deeper cut under the arms.  It's a little generous, but she'll grow into it.


After I sewed the romper together, I felt it was missing something.  I thought about adding ruffles, but decided on rick rack instead.  It was an understated version of this.


I used four simple, somewhat translucent blue buttons on the back.  


I love the way the light illuminates her hair in this photo.


When I blogged about this pattern the first time, I forgot to say the cutting layout is wrong, as well as some of the grain line markings.  So if you use this pattern,  be aware of that before you cut out your pieces.

I loved using this Liberty of London lawn (fabric).  My machine wasn't crazy about it, but I love the drape.  It gave the romper such a light and flouncy look and feel.


And that's all I've got for kids clothes week!


  1. Oh it's cute! Considering the week you had, I think this was a great success for KCW. I think you hit the magic hour on these photos, too - gorgeous light!

  2. What a sweet little romper! And, gorgeous photos.

  3. Ah, this fabric! That girl! Its too much! You have me wanting another girl now. Not gonna happen, but seriously, perfection all around! Way to power through those unforeseen events. I've got a plumbing issue that I am currently ignoring. No fun.

  4. Such a cute romper! I love sewing with Liberty lawn too - I have some of that same print in a different colourway ready to cut out for a Family Reunion dress. I think the Liberty is wider than average too, so it makes it easier to squeeze a project out of less yardage.

    You did well to get anything finished for KCW after such a crazy week, well done.

    1. thanks so much for the sweet and encouraging words! :) i can't want to see what you do with that print.

  5. I think you can cut yourself some slack given the week you've had! The romper is great and the photographs beautiful

  6. Rachel, I adored the last romper you made... so much so that I went to Joann's specifically in search of it! Of course, they were out! And then you post this one?? I can't take it. And she is such a cutie. I should just order it online I suppose. p.s. hope Evie is feeling better- I showed the picture of her arm to my daughter who is a couch jumper. I think it had an impact! ;)

    1. thanks so much! and who would've thought a couch could be so dangerous! but the drs said they see it all the time! :/

  7. So sorry to hear about the broken arm . . . and the leaky plumbing . . . and the work stress. Amazing that you were able to do any sewing at all! That romper is amazingly cute - and your daughter is pretty much rockin' it:) Lovely fabric choice, and pretty clever being able to cut all that from 1/2 yard fabric!

    1. aw, thank you so much! sewing is definitely a form of therapy for me. ;)

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  9. Oh my goodness, a romper in LIBERTY? With ric-rac? Out of a half yard? Wow! Love! I really want this pattern now, I have *tons* of pieces in my stash it would be perfect for. ;-)

    1. aw, thanks so much inder. i do believe that the liberty lawn is perhaps wider than the regular 44" fabric, so you might need a bit more than a 1/2 yard, unless you do contrasting pieces. i did use contrasting facings (in white).


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