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Iris turned 2!

Well, it happened.  The clock struck midnight and Iris turned two.

birthday banner

 Having had three babies before her, I knew the time would fly by.


So, Dan and I both, we savored it.  We really did (and do).

the gang

And yet time still moved faster than ever.

birthday girl

 I was telling Dan that when our first two kids were under five, it felt like the stage would last forever.

Then somehow you emerge on the other side and life moves at a faster pace.


 It's taught me to see every day as a gift.  Because it really, really is.

i <3 cake

{For Iris' birthday, I made this persimmon cake with this cream cheese icing.  I would highly recommend both.}


  1. Aw happy happy birthday, little Iris! She's such a little doll. And it is true - no matter how much you savor the moments, the months/years really do fly by.

  2. Congratulations Iris! You have a beautiful family, Rachel.

  3. May she continue to eat cake with such delight for many years to come!

  4. and it just keeps getting faster! Your amazing photography is such a great tool for capturing these seemingly insignificant day-to-day moments that will only grow more precious as time goes by. Happy birthday little Iris!

    1. Thank you so much, Lucinda. I appreciate that encouragement. And in the spirit of full disclosure, while I do take most of the photos on my blog, that last photo was by Dan. :)

  5. Aw, she's beautiful! Time does fly by, but they just get better and better, right? (Except the threes. The threes just suck. Hehe.) Happy birthday Iris, from your fellow Libra!

  6. Happy Birthday to Iris! She is two cute! I totally get that thing about the kids turning 5 and then its like turbo speed growth. And I agree with your previous commenter about the threes ;)... Avery turned 4 last week and I'm just hoping she can get control of her emotions now!

  7. Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes!
    I have to say, i find the toddler years to be the most challenging. The pre-verbal, get-into-everything, not-a-lot-of-impulse-control, can't-express emotions well, etc. It's tough. They are harder to engage in a craft or imaginative play at that age. I found the 3s to be easier in those areas - well, for two of my three kids who are past three. But three of my four toddler were quite challenging. Indigo was a very easy toddler and 2 year old, and so her 3s were harder, but we adopted Tia when she was around 3, so I think that could have been part of it. :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Sweet Iris! I can't believe she is 2 already! I hope to meet her someday! Also, Indi is really sporting the Where's Waldo look with those glasses, her red and white striped shirt and blue jeans! :) -So cute! Sending our love! Hope you are well!

    1. haha, that's funny, aleshia - i said the very same thing (about her looking like Where's Waldo?)!

  9. Happy Birthday, Iris!
    I can tell the pure joy that is in this little child (especially in that picture of her eating the cake!)

  10. Love the silliness! And the (what I'm assuming was sib-made) "Iris" decoration!


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