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Hazel is Two Months Old!

Last weekend Hazel turned 2 months old.

hazel - two months old

I am still loving the Boba wrap.  This thing is worth its weight in gold.  I use it all the time.  The key is to wrap it really tight before you put the baby in, so the baby stays high and secure.

wrapped in love :) 
(flower from Tia )

We own a bouncy seat and a baby swing and both are basically collecting dust because this girl is always in arms.  Not only mine, but also those of her siblings.  She might very well be the most doted on baby around.


It's a curious thing how easily the kids have adapted to having a new baby in the house.  I can tell you when Indigo was a baby, this was so not the case for Jude.  He did not approve.  Baby Indigo would be sitting up playing with a block or two and he'd walk by and give her small shove, just enough to knock her off kilter.  She'd teeter from side to side before finally toppling over... kind of like a bowling pin.  Now those two are the best of friends and Jude even complains about being 'lonely' if the girls are gone for an hour or two.


It would've been nice to know this back when Jude thought we had ruined his life.  :)

my laundry companion
my laundry folding companion

After we adopted Tia, Indigo also had some bouts of jealousy, but it was a much easier transition than it had been going from 1 to 2.  I'd say each transition has been easier than the last.


This time, the kids are like,"The more the merrier!".  Heck, I'm pretty sure they see Hazel as their very own (live) baby doll.

little buddy

Sometimes I even have to remind Iris to be a little less, shall we say 'enthusiastic' in her demonstrative affections toward her new baby sister.


For awhile now I had been wanting to get a photo of Hazel's hairstyle a la Dr Seuss.

I just love it so much, but was having a hard time capturing it on camera.  Finally, Dan did it for me.

hazel - two months

Oh I can't tell you how thankful I am to have our Hazel.

hazel - two months

We've had easy days.


And we've had our harder ones (and not always just with Hazel). :)

baking gone bad

Through it all, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift that she is to all of us.  Really, there's not a day that goes by that I don't feel that.  When Hazel smiles back at me with her big toothless grin or stares at me with those saucer eyes, my heart nearly bursts.


I'm so thankful for all of them.



  1. Just gorgeous! Oh, some real gems of photos in here.

  2. Oh my goodness, look at her little face!

  3. Brilliant photos. love that Dr Suess 'do, made me laugh out loud.
    But for me it's those two photos of Iris that get me, first the hilarity of the intensely happy/cheeky face and then the drama of the total meltdown. I almost cried myself!

  4. Oh she seems to be changing so much already! She's such a cutie, and I think she looks a lot like you in that 6th picture. Amazing pics, all of them!

  5. hot dang she's cute, as are all your kids. my big two love celebrating baby C's monthly "birthdays" and smother him with kisses and hugs each time i tell them he's a month older. those later children get sooooo much love and attention!! it's fun. :)

  6. Beautiful words AND pictures.

  7. 2 months already. Wow. Your children are all so beautiful. That Tia. Gorgeous!
    Love that shot of the two behind the book. Precious

  8. oh yes! I did love carrying my children in what we call a "scraf" here in France! It was so convinient and so good to feel the baby so close to me. I used to cook with my baby girl in it!! Your family is growing in harmony. SO glad you are happy and blessed. hugs

  9. Oh, she is totally Cindy Lou Who with that hair! You have such a beautiful family, and I can't believe baby Hazel is already two months old! It's funny, when it was my babies, the minutes would drag by so slowly that while other people exclaimed at the passage of time in the early months, I was more thinking that you could see every freaking hour in the lines around my eyes. But other people's babies grow at LIGHTNING SPEED, don't they? Such gorgeous photos here.

  10. how can Hazel be two months already?! Oh, time races by the older I get! But you do such a superb job of documenting your kids at every stage - in the good and the bad:) Such important slices of life that we swear we'll "never forget", but then somehow it all grows fuzzy. Like Hazel's awesome Dr. Seuss hairstyle! So great that you have the recorded for posterity:)

    1. That is so true, Lucinda! Every year seems to go even faster. And you're right - it definitely DOES get fuzzy, too!

  11. These are such priceless photos!! I love the stories they tell. Time certainly does fly by.

  12. Today's my catch-up blog reading day :)
    I just had to say that I love this post. I'm the third of four kids and there's no doubt that I probably got less of my parent's time than the first two, but i definitely got a lot of time and caring from my older siblings -particularly my sister - and this tradition carried on when my little sister was born five years after me. She was like everyone's baby and still is today!


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