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Happy First Birthday to our Dear Hazel... and an Origami Party

Last week Hazel went and did it!  She turned 1 year old!

We all joked that it was not permitted, not approved, not allowed.  But she did it anyway!  ;)  I think that's a great sign that we all enjoyed her babyhood, more than words can say, really.

At least a month ago, Indigo declared that Hazel's birthday party would have a theme and that theme would be... origami.

Unbeknownst to me, Indigo saved every piece of origami we made over the summer to have an epic explosion of origami on Hazel's big day.

It's funny, I'm not really one who enjoys parties and for the longest time, I never understood why.  Whether it was a work party with Dan or a neighborhood girls' night out, I would almost always rather be at home, no matter how much people try to pressure me or insist otherwise.  I'm not a total recluse, I enjoy hanging out with people individually or as couples, but not so much "a party" in the traditional sense.

After Iris was born, I took the Myers Briggs and discovered I am an introvert.  An outgoing, friendly, warm introvert who had always been told I was an extrovert.  It finally all made sense.  Being in large groups generally drains rather than energizes me.

Maybe because of that, I never quite understood the planning that some put into parties.  I joke I'm missing that gene.  I never understood it, that is, until watching how much Indigo enjoys planning parties.

It brings her so much joy to plan a party.  There is so much love in her heart when she thinks of all the ways she will delight the party honoree, down to the smallest details.

Look, Mom!  Cups!  Because Hazel loves her sippy cup!

It's a way that she gives of herself, shares her creative gifts and shows her love.  It has given me a whole new appreciation and admiration for natural party planners.

Now ironically, Indigo doesn't actually enjoy parties - except for family parties, she clarifies.  She only likes planning them.  She, too, is a friendly introvert, just like her mama.  But I sure am glad to have her help with our family parties because she makes everything so special.

The kids wanted to sing Happy Birthday! to Hazel all day long, but here was the official version, sung right around the time she was born, in fact!

Iris sang with gusto!

Of course, no first birthday party would be complete without allowing the new one year old to get their hands on their very own cake to smash.  At first she explored cautiously.

But then she decided she liked it!

Happy Birthday, dearest Hazel Theodora.  You are absolutely loved and treasured and we are so very glad that you are ours.


  1. I can feel your love for little Hazel all the way from Belgium! How sweet of Indigo, planning her party in-and-out. I was (and still am) a little party planner myself too, but I also enjoy the party itself :) Hazel and I almost share a birthday, since I am turning 20 today!

  2. Happy birthday Hazel. So glad that you have a family that loves you so much.

  3. I think I can hear Iris singing from here! That's an awesome serious cake face in the last shot. Dare anyone to part her from her cake! :)
    Happy birthday Hazel!
    Well done Indigo. I'm with you, the fun is in the planning and the planning to please and surprise.

  4. Introverts unite! Separately. In our own homes. As they say. :) Happy birthday to your dear Hazel!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Hazel! Indigo's party planning made me smile. And although I do really enjoy planning my girls' birthday parties, I, too, had an epiphany when I took the Myers Briggs at age 26 and realized I was not a weirdo just because people made me exhausted. Like you, I am an outgoing introvert.

  6. Happy birthday to Hazel!! She will love looking back on these posts (as will all of your sweet family...)
    (I am Indigo.)
    best wishes ~ Tracy

  7. Oh so sweet! What a perfect family party. Happy birthday Hazel!

  8. Oh little Hazey Mae, how has a year gone by already?? Such a cutie pie and I love reading about her big sister's party planning! Go Indigo! Parties are fun for me for that reason too - it makes the birthday kid so excited to have those special details set out just for them.

    You're doing such a good job with those kiddos, mama. They're so loving to each other. :)

  9. Happy birthday sweet dear Hazey!!! Another "outgoing introvert" here! I'm always right on the borderline in the Meyer Briggs test, but like you, thrive on smaller scale social interaction, and need alone time, rather than loving big groups or big parties. And like you, I don't "do" big party planning and our birthday parties tend to be smaller affairs with our dearest and nearest friends and family, rather than bounce-house type things. :-) To me, that kind of party really is enjoyable, and since Steve (and Joe) is a bigger introvert than me, it's best for us as a whole. There's no shame in figuring out what works and sticking to it, I say! Also, Hazel with her cake - so adorable and happy! CHOCOLATE!!!

  10. Aw, happy birthday Hazel! Love the cake pictures. We're a bunch of introverts around here (although I think O may be breaking that mold) and our parties are small affairs. We need a natural party planner around! I should retake the Myers Briggs sometime. Last time I took it I was as extreme an introvert as you could get :) Hope your homeschooling year is off to a great start!

  11. I so love your Indigo! How incredibly sweet - and creative! - of her to plan an origami party for her little sister. I totally get you forbidding Hazel to turn one, but those kids - they just don't listen and keep getting older!:) Causing much bittersweetness to our tender mama hearts. I loved the pics from Hazels' party: Iris rendition of Happy Birthday is priceless, and those cupcake photos are of course classics! So glad she cooperated by digging right in:)
    It's interesting to hear you describe yourself as a friendly introvert. I was recently at a party where the conversation turned to the Meyers Briggs test and everyone had to guess the other's letters. People were surprised that I was actually an "I" as opposed to an "E" because I'm realizing I am also a "friendly introvert". Being in large social settings drains me and the after-church fellowship coffee time actually puts me into a mild panic at times! My husband says I fake it really well, which is why people assume I'm an extrovert. I'm sure that if these two friendly introverts got together for coffee, it would be a delightful experience!:)

  12. I can't believe Hazel is one already! That year seemed to go super quick ... I still remember checking your blog for any news. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration. It's funny, I describe myself as an extroverted introvert. I came out as a extrovert. But only mildly. Feeling was my strongest trait. I much prefer smaller groups and am happiest at home as well. Xx

  13. Happy birthday sweet girl ๐ŸŽ‚ congrats youand Dan and the older kids. Indigo has done a terrific job with the party, what a sweetheart ๐Ÿ˜Š was this her plan to save up all the origami all along? Btw, we also sing happy birthday all day long ๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. Rachel, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to reading your blog. What a treat to see how much everyone has grown!!!

  15. Rachel, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to reading your blog. What a treat to see how much everyone has grown!!!


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