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Anspired :: A Hanami romper

Hello and happy Friday!  Today I am so excited to be part of a surprise called Anspired.  Spearheaded by Suz of Sewpony Vintage, several sewing bloggers and I are sharing creations that have been inspired by An, the designer extraordinaire behind Straightgrain patterns.

I have a special place in my heart for An being that her Hanami pattern was and is one of my all-time favorite patterns.  This pattern played an enormous role in helping me finding my style.  The style of the dress was different than anything else I had seen on the pattern market at the time and I loved everything about it.   I went on to make many Hanami dresses!

I also connected with An when I was her match for Mailbox Surprise.  She has the best taste in fabrics and I made these two dresses with the fabrics she sent to me.

My Anspired creation is a Hanami romper.

I saw and fell in love with this romper pattern on Etsy.  But the sizing started at 2/3.  Hazel is not quite two and she's small for her age.  Also, I already knew that I loved the fit of the Hanami bodice and the size of the collar.  I get nervous about the sizing of new-to-me patterns.

I decided to pair the Hanami bodice with the bloomers from the pattern.  It was like they were always meant to go together!

Being I made this romper with An in mind, I knew I had to make it in mustard.  (I know, twist my arm, right?!) ;)

Since I was using double gauze and because we live in such a hot climate, I decided to leave the bodice unlined and finish the arm scythes and neckline with bias binding.

My friend, Courtney, from Sweeter than Cupcakes was in town yesterday.  She and her kids hung out at my house for awhile and I showed her this romper.  She commented on how lovely this double gauze is.  It's so soft, fluffy and the weave is really great.

Unfortunately, even after searching my inbox, I have no idea where I ordered this double gauze or which line it is.  (Edited to add: My friend, Ute, solved the mystery for me.  It's this Kobayashi double gauze from the Gnats Shop.  Thanks, Ute!)  If you've had a bad experience with double gauze, I'd recommend trying a different brand.  Not all double gauze is created equal!

I decided to try out French seams for the side seams.  Dan was even impressed with this finishing method.  It's so easy, too.  I think it especially works well with a soft and light fabric like this one.

Hazel liked wearing this romper and didn't want to take it off when I was trying it on for fit.

Here she's hangin in the sunshine, chomping on some ice.  Lately, she loves to sing Ice Ice Baby which is pretty dang adorable.  She only knows those three lyrics from the song and sings them with enthusiasm... on repeat!

You can find other Anspired creations by checking out the links below!  Thanks for all of the countless ways you inspire us, An!


  1. Awr, the cutest little 'An-colored' romper. Love the bias binding detail - and the French seams. Perfection :-)

  2. LOL about Hazel singing Ice Ice Baby - I think we need a video of that one. (Also I still think I know all the words by heart - what was that, 25 years ago?). The romper is really cute - I love it with the floral collar.

  3. Gorgeous! Oh what a teeny little sweet poppet Hazel is.

  4. Beautiful, love the color! and that light... <3 :-)

  5. Adorable, and those pictures, I love the total atmosphere!

  6. A Hanami romper! So perfect!!! I adore everything about it - the color (obvs), the collar, the binding, the fabric, the cute little bloomer bottoms, it's all perfection! Hazel is so adorable and look at her hair! It's really growing fast now!

  7. This is so cute Rachel! Love it as a romper... Thanks so much for joining in!

  8. Ice ice baby - how precious :) My big girlie also can just chew on ice - it makes my back teeth itch! The romper looks so soft and comfy! Perfect for hot days. Love love love that colour. I keep on thinking Hazel looks more and more like Iris growing up :)

  9. I want to see her do the side slide floor thing to go with the lyric!!! Seriously, far too cute and if I could get away with it, I'd wear z double gauze bloomer romper suit in summer too. That looks so comfy!!!

  10. How cute is this, love it! Beautiful pictures too!

  11. Oh Hazel, you're such a pretty little girl! <3
    And Rachel, thank you so much for being part of the #anspired surprise! I was so moved by it. The romper is just stunning... I feel so privileged to have such wonderful, sweet, and talented friends, whom I admire so much! Big love from your Belgian friend! xo

    1. Thanks for all of the ways you inspire us, sweet An!

  12. So true about that double gauze not being created equal!! I'll be on the hunt for the good stuff now. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, knowledge, and home with us. So glad to call you friend. Hazel is precious in this romper. Avery adored playing with her!

  13. That romper is lovely! The collar is perfect.


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