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Organization and Hot Chocolate

I've mentioned before that organization is not my strong point.  On this front, I am a continual work in process.  We have someone who helps us with cleaning twice a month and last week she gave me a lecture about how I need to be more organized.  This may have offended me if it weren't that it's SO TRUE!!!  Her suggestions were that I make the kids put away their own toys and that I get a basket for the kids' shoes.  She's right about the first and the latter was actually a good idea which I quickly implemented.

It's not that I don't try.  It just doesn't come naturally to me. Dan, on the other hand, is especially good at coming up with ways in which we can be more organized.  He thought of:

The Diaper Basket

Converting this coat closet into a toy closet

Storing some of the kids' other toys in these shelves.  [Funny story about these shelves.  The person who owned this house prior to us painted the names over each shelf as a "Designed to Sell" technique right before they put the house on the market.  Cooper was the name of their dog!]  


If I were organized I would definitely have painted over these names by now -- 2 1/2 years later. But frankly, they really don't bother me much.

The other idea that Dan came up with is to create a meals list each week detailing what we will have for dinner.  We then make a grocery list based on the meal list and this has certainly made my life easier.  I like cooking but don't like thinking of what to make.  This way we're stocked up on what we need and I don't have to make additional trips to the grocery store with the kids.

So, for those of you who ARE organized, I ask of you -- would you be kind enough to leave me a comment and bestow on me some of your organizational wisdom?  What have you done to simplify your life/make things easier with kiddos?

Subject change -- Indigo had her first taste of hot chocolate and boy did she LOVE it.  She was in heaven!


  1. Those little shelves are too cute. Love the story behend them.

    Sorry that you got an organization lecture! Yikes!

    I heart hot chocolate!

  2. We have an unfinshed bonus room. With my son I always store about 1/2 of his toys here and rotate them out. "Bring a bin down, take a bin of toys up"!! When he was a baby, he thought he had new toys!!
    (I also throw everthing I don't need or want up there hahaha!!)
    Michelle C, AL

  3. Hey, i've been wanting to do that "grocery/dinner list" for so long-i always have good intentions, but it NEVER gets done. I'm the same way-don't mind actually making the dinner, it's just the figuring out WHAT to make is the hard part and least favorite part of the job!

    As far as keeping organized, i don't know if lists help you? I bought a journal and started writing lists of things i needed to get done-it kept me more organized and on top of things.
    If you get any suggestions on how to keep childrens toys organized-let me know! I'm soooo tired of going through their toys and reorganizing them! UGH!!!!

  4. this was just on my min din the shower! love dan's ideas. i think i need a chore chart (for myself) and an activity chart (i always forget which days the museum is open early for toddlers!)...and i need to do the meal thing and make M pick up his toys every night. can't wait to read more tips from otehrs! thanks for this post! and i LOVE the thumbless GGP! very funny!

  5. Oh, I love those hot chocolate shots! How beautiful!
    Well, I think any Mom would admit that there are areas of the home/life that could use more organization!! Guilty here too! ;)
    My only pearls of wisdom are not too original, but we always kept a system of storage shelves in our family room ( finished basement) with coordinated tubs that fit into the shelves that I labeled initially with pictures of Lauren's toys. Pictures of leggos, blocks, etc taped on each that she can read I replaced them with word labels, but it helped her early on assist with clean-up and keep things neat.
    I also got sick of the "junk drawers" and found inexpensive drawer organizers for them makes a HUGE difference!
    Dan's mealtime ideas are great too! Like you my hardest thing is thinking up fresh meal ideas each week....ugh! Hey maybe we should all blog quick & easy meal ideas??! We are in rut here! :(
    Great post!
    Lisa C.

  6. Oh Indi, you and I would be best buds. :)

    I do a meal list, too. It really helps with saving money besides the time factor!!

    I am a "basket girl" too - we have a diaper basket and baskets for toys to help keep them organized.

    I am laughing over the little names painted above the cupboards. You guys are so relaxed!!! I would be painting over those the first week we moved in. LOL.


  7. Rachel,
    I had to comment on this because I am the same way. I am always trying to be organized and I admire people who are, but it is so not me. I am much more likely to be found drinking a latte and reading than organizing! My husband is the organized one. my disorganization is one of the things he has had to accept in marriage:)


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