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I'm loving...

... the Texas redbud that's been blooming outside of my window all month long.

... that spring ushers in a new gardening season, one that I was able to experience through the eyes of my children.

where raking and pulling weeds are a delight, not a chore

and finding worms in the soil is the highlight of the afternoon

I'm loving that there's a back-up plan in case we have another unsuccessful gardening season. If you live in San Antonio or Austin, check out and their local box. It's like a CSA membership except you get produce from several local farmers instead of just one. Also, you do not have to purchase a 12 week membership, instead you can choose each week whether you want their local box (a bushel box filled with whatever is in season). And it's delivered to your doorstep. Amazing.

We're loving Klutz face paints and I'm loving the step-by-step instruction manual filled with fabulous pictures, making face painting a breeze for those who are artistically challenged like myself.

I'm loving Evangeline's determination to become a crawler and the proud smile on her face when we all clap for her for trying.


  1. Great pics!! Awesome job on the face paints.....
    And Evie is adorable...too precious!

  2. Go Evangeline! Jude looks like he got to be a "big kid" overnight! And, I love Indigo's face when she's looking at the worm! All way too cute! It's no wonder you are in love!

  3. So many great pics...but it is easy to make great pics when you have such great kids!

    The pictures are great!!!!!

  5. Rachel, you have a beautiful family. It's so great to be able to see them (and you!) all the way in Texas, which is a long way from a little town in WI! :) Thank you for keeping this blog, it's such a joy to read.

  6. I'm loving your tree too!! :) Love seeing the kids enjoying the warm weather!!


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