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It feels like it's been sew long...

Since we've been home, there have been so many things I've wanted to write about here - more about Ethiopia, about the orphanage and guest house, about settling in, about our post-adoption experiences. But with three kids and a friend who came to visit recently, there was little time to get online, much less write an entire blog post!

My friend Lauryssa offered to come down and help us get settled in. I used to babysit her when she was a little girl so she said she'd love to spend some time with my kids now. Her offer came at the perfect time. Evie's pediatrician had just told us that she wanted Evie to be seen by a pediatric cardiologist and hematologist about some concerns that she had. We knew having Lauryssa here would allow us to make these appointments without having to stress over childcare. We don't have any family around to help us, so finding childcare can sometimes be problematic. We replied with an emphatic YES!

Evangeline was seen by both specialists and it looks as though everything is fine. She had some nutritional/vitamin deficiencies which were causing some abnormalities in her blood work, but it looks as though it should be correctable with supplements. Fabulous news!

While Lauryssa was here, she was perusing some of my favorite sewing books. I mentioned that if she was interested in sewing something, I would be happy to help her with it. There was an apron that caught her eye. Well, actually two different aprons. So we combined two patterns, burned the midnight oil, and Lauryssa left Texas this morning with this apron that she mostly made by herself.

It's might be hard to tell from the picture, but the buttons on the apron straps are fabric covered. They were so cute and so easy to make. Who would have known?

Here are some photos of the kids -

For this last photo - please send us suggestions for the caption.
Winner gets the hat. Just don't tell Dan.


  1. "OK, got my war hat on; I'm ready for battle. Bathtime is going DOWN!"

    (The pic of Evie touching Indie's face is so precious!)

  2. Love the apron! Again, you have GREAT fabric! I am so happy to hear that Evie is well! And, Indigo and Jude could not be cuter!


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