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Three Cheers for Family!

I cannot tell you how thankful we are to have my cousin Kayla staying with us this week! Dan and I were sooo jet lagged, Dan went back to work part-time, and the kids had a nasty stomach bug most of the week. Kayla was truly a lifesaver!

She held baby Evie when we gave special attention to Jude and Indigo.

She played with Jude and Indigo nearly non-stop while we were bonding with baby. She did fun and creative things like:

Built this gigantic tent/cave/fort with the kids

Baked biscuits with Indigo

Took pictures of Evie

and brought out the silliness in Jude

All this, and she cooked two amazingly delicious dinners for us as well! This is why we call her Kayla Poppins! And, yes, we do want her to move in.

I know my mom and Aunt Mi-Mi were equally as amazing, but unfortunately I do not have pictures of all of the fun things they did with the kids!

We were/are so blessed to have the help of family!


  1. There is nothing quite like family after a baby arrives! She is so so so precious!

  2. Awesome!
    looks like such a great time.
    Send her to MS when you are finished with her!lol!

  3. Excuse me, but are those dimples I spy? And rosy cheeks?! Just like Sammy. Evie is obviously thrilled with her new family and I'm sure Indi and Jude are just as over-the-moon for her.

    YEAH for Kayla helping you. I cannot imagine 2 with a new baby.

  4. She is so beautiful!! I know you have appreciated the help. I'm getting people lined up already!

  5. What a blessing! Can I hire her to visit GA when we get home from China and Ethiopia?

  6. You're fortunate to have family willing and able to come help you out.

    The pictures are great. You have very beautiful children.

  7. How nice for you to have her-she looks like a Great cousin!! :)
    Hope your jet lag is getting better-that is always SO difficult when you first come home.
    Thinking of you guys...
    nicole k.

  8. What a great blessing!

    And, seriously, is Evie the cutest thing ever or what?

  9. Kayla is amazing!

    Miss E is just beautiful!!

    I'm so glad all is well....

    AND I left ya something at my blog ~ I KNOW you are probably too busy to play along but I sure wasn't gonna leave you out!! :)



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