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Around Here

::  Dan's blog post on attachment in adopted children was posted today to the adoption website We Are Grafted In.

Dan's unfailing support and reassuring optimism as we parent all three of our children mean the world to me.  He has taught me so much about unconditional, sacrificial love.  I can be completely vulnerable with him, knowing I will be met with acceptance.  He challenges me to grow, but always in the context of love.  And these kids of ours?  They think he hangs the moon.

:: I am slowly feeling better after my recent stomach flu.  I saw my midwives today and they tell me that baby is as happy as ever, at least according to her heart tones. 

We're so thankful for the support we've received during this time.  Thank you.  A friend from our church organized a few meals for our family.  She also brought flowers.

An example of how you don't have to travel far to nourish the bodies and souls of others.  We are grateful.

:: Our kids have been patient with my need for rest as I take time to recover.

The older two began begging me to teach them hand embroidery.   An activity we can do while seated that simultaneously melts my heart to watch?  Um, yes!

Jude's second project, a squirrel

Double threading the needle and skipping the embroidery hoop makes for easy sewing for this age group.

::  Receiving something like 8 bags of IV fluid over the weekend gave me the opportunity to explain the term "cankles" to my Chinese acupuncturist today.

I only wish you could've been there to hear it...


  1. glad you are feeling better!!! Sounds like it was a scary episode.

    Love the focus on their projects and the scotch taped pic on the wall.....I have them ALL OVER my house!!!! Hayden is obsessed with schotch tape and drwoing or painting pics!!!

    take care and hope the cankles get better!!!

  2. that's HYSTERICAL about the cankles. I would have LOVED to hear you explain that!

    I LOVE Jude's squirrel!! Sawyer would like some lessons- he was impressed too! :)

  3. so glad you are getting back on your feet!
    I love the squirrel! super fun times!

  4. Oh my goodness! Just catching back up after being out of town last week. So glad everyone is doing better!


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