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Bedside Conversations

Some of the best conversations I have with Jude are shared as I sit by his bedside as he tries to fall asleep at night.  There's something about this time that makes him more likely to divulge the details of his day with me - his fears, his triumphs, his deep questions about life.  Because oh, yes, even at 6 this boy already has lots of deep questions!  He's also at his sweetest then.  I'd venture to guess he's learned that the sweeter he is, the longer I tend to stay.  Smart boy, he is!  I'm thankful for these special conversations, that he still seeks the comfort of mama at the end of the day.  I want to enjoy these snapshots into his heart and life while he remains willing to let me peek in at them. 

Except when I don't.  Oh, and there are time when I don't.  Times that I'd rather tell him to go to sleep already.  When I'm tired after a long and full day with the kids.  When we've done our hour-long routine of bath, books, daddy's made up bedtime stories, then prayers.  Often I'm ready for my time, when I can fill my own cup by doing the things that both energize and relax me.

Then I discovered bedside hand sewing.

The rhythm of the stitches relaxes me.  It gives me just the patience I need at a time of day when my patience can wear thin.

I'm energized as I watch this creation become ever so slightly transformed, flower by flower, stitch by stitch.

It requires only that I follow along the lines.  I can fully absorb the conversation with Jude while my hands are busy doing their work. 

Or I can soak in the quiet.  He is supposed to be sleeping after all.

Jude gets what he needs.  And I get what I need, too.  Because I don't want to miss out on these moments with my boy.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was rocking him to sleep?

And Evie?  Well, she gets a dress infused with a little more mama love.

The hand embroidery on this dress was inspired by this Anna Maria Horner pillow and her new needleworks collection.


  1. you always ground me! thank you for sharing : )

  2. You are so inspirational! The way you write and what you write about makes it seem like you know how to slow life down. Good luck on your upcoming labor! I am excited to read the details about it. I love birth stories.

  3. Love the pics and the hand sewing. Very cute of the girls.

  4. Such a sweet post! And I love the picture of the girls!

  5. Really lovely and such a sweet post! I'm feeling the same way about my boys, I wish I could keep them little forever!


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